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Kollam Mathews Gurukkal has taught Arabs, philippinos at Bahrain. At Doha, Qatar he has conducted kalari stage programmes at Malayalee Samajam and has taught Marma(varma) Sastra to couple of students at Balangoda, Srilanka. Just as the Buddhist Monks had taken cheena-adi to Srilanka, Mathew Gurukkal has taken overseas the secret knowledge of varma kalai or Marma Sastra(Science of vital-spot application) to Srilanka. He has taught his complete contribution of the Varmam applications to his two muslim disciples Fairoos and Rousmy who stays at Balangoda. This is a milestone in the Srilankan & Indian history. Mathew Gurukkal warns all his disciples that he or she should be very careful when imparting training on the Marma (Marma shastra), as it should in no way, be mis-used for social violence. Marmam and its sastrams should go only to the right hands, and no disciples should teach it to others without having proper knowledge of Marma-chikitsa, incase someone gets hurt, the teacher should be able to treat the affected patient in the right way with right medicines, at the right time. Also teaching without proper certificates and teaching experience, is also an offence to the society and an offence in the eyes of law. A good Varmam training person should have a good knowledge of Herbal remedies, knowledge of oil, decotion or lehyam(electuaries) preparation. Without all this knowledge any Martial-art trainer is incomplete. Now lot of incompetent centers are mushrooming in many countries without having attained proper training.

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