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Kalarippayat Grand-Master (Mathew.P.C) Srilankan Visit to Balangoda in July, 2008

I visited various places in Balangoda to Hindu temples, Mosque, Church, Buddhist temple and Saw the Demonstration done by 20 Shaolin Monks who came from China to Ratnapura in Srilanka. Martial-arts like Angampora, Cheena-Adi, and Kung-Fu are already popular. I introduced Kalaripayat - Martial-art of Kerala at Balangoda in Srilanka for the first time and has taught 2 students the Marma-vidhya (Science of Vital points of human body) for a duration of 1 month. But I have not granted any certificates to these two students of Srilanka for teaching or promoting the Martial-art, and they are not certified to teach Martial-arts anywhere without my permission. To become a teacher a student must completely learn the body-techniques, locks, counter-locks, steps, all weapon training, Marma techniques, Body massage, Medicine preparations, Marma-chikitsa and lot more, and he must be able to do the revival techniques of saving life, in case of any problems arising during the course of training to the students. To become a teacher or Gurukkal is not a child's play. If anyone doesn't know the above mentioned things, he is incomplete and can never claim to be a Teacher. Anyone can learn the art of Kalaripayat, but only the deserving few can become a 'TEACHER OF MARTIAL-ARTS'. A GURUKKAL is taught how to 'SAVE LIFE' and is not taught to 'KILL'. Anyone teaching the Martial-art without proper certificate from the concerned Guru is to deemed as illegal. Also Martial-art must never be taught for upliftment of Religious or Political motivation. Martial-art must be practiced only for the Universal benifit and for the wellness of all humanity. Just as 'China-adi'was brought to Srilanka by the Chinese monks, 'KALARIPAYAT' was taken to Srilanka by MATHEW GURUKKAL and it is a land-mark in the world-history.
Previously I had given training to young Arabs in Bahrain and Qatar and have conducted demonstration in Qatar about Pranic Kalari, and articles have come about me in various Newspapers of Kerala, India and Qatar.

Photographs of my visit to Balangoda in Srilanka for teaching 2 students Marma-vidhya

In front of Buddha temple at Balangoda Performing Marma-vadi attack, in background is  Buddha temple at Balangoda
With my student Rousmy who learned Vital-spot(Marma-sastra)
With my student Fairoos who learned Vital-spot(Marma-sastra) In front of Mosque at Balangoda Hindu temple at Balangoda,Main street, srilanka
Performing attacks with Marma-vadi on various Vital-spots - in my room at Balangoda Performing attacks with Marma-vadi on various Vital-spots - in my room at Balangoda

I am still doing research on Martial-Arts and will do it through my life and dedicate the rest of my life for the promotion, upliftment and preservation of the Traditional Indian Martial-Art to the corners of the world whereever I visit. I want my disciple to do the same as well by making the name of kerala proud everywhere.

Wishing you all the best - your's friendly, Kalari GrandMaster - ("Mathew.P.C")
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