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Rich in knowledge and wisdom..but a poor person with great talents...
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Rich in Knowledge and talents...but a Poor person
A True story...

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There was a man name Mr.KM whose was a graduate, with 30 years of IT experience, a Martial-arts Guru, a yogacharya. His dad too was a great Martial-artist in Adithada or Marma-Adi(south style Kalaripayat), who passed away in 1988. His dad had kindled in him the spark of Martial-art, in his childhood, and it grew in him as a passion. when as a kid in 1978. Due to the negligence of a lady doctor in North India, by a wrong injection, his lungs was infected with bronchitis for 2 month, and later it developed to chronic asthma. He was bed-ridden for 3years, becoming a burden for his family, usless to help himself or others. Finally when he was in the 9th std at school, despite his disability, he overcame it through his dint, will-power and courage and the disease gave way. He became fit enought to become a Grand master of Kalaripayat, who trained elite and exceptional students. While in his school days, he used to say, "I never want to become an INSTRUCTOR", as he found that teachers had to teach the same boring syllabus of subjects again and again. But unknowingly, destiny made this man a TEACHER of many things like Kalaripayat Guru, a Yogacharya, Swimming coach, a water floating trainer, police, navy, army, commando fitness trainer, a traditional healer in Ayurveda and siddha. He had great knowledge of Herbal plants and people who couldn't find cure from many medical colleges in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala having chronic nervous disorders, vehicle accidents, cancer, etc would come for medicine to him and get cured. He was a painter (water color and oil painting) of sceneries or portraits, a poet, a story writer, spoken English and Hindi teacher, short film director, martial-arts cd producer, a small actor in TV serials, Film stunt director, IT professional (software developer who developed Ayurveda Siddha medical software, Medical diagnosis software, Face reading software in English n Malayalam and web designer), Secret of making KAYAKALPA medicines, and the list was unending....He could perform 40 or more Yogasanas in deep water and has a WORLD-RECORD in the 'Record setter of world records'. He can sit in padmasana with his hands tied together, in deep water. He can shoot arrows with a bow in deep water, or fire a pistol in deep water, or eat fruits, or drink soft drinks in deep water. Nothing was impossible for him, as he could keep his neck and head out of water in deep area, even if his hands were tied-up with a string. He received the Siddhis(powers) directly by the blessings of God, by hearing the words from heaven. He has written a book named JALA-VEDA to impart his knowledge to water-floaters. He has written 13 BOOKS and produced and DIRECTED 10 or more vcds-dvds on Kalaripayat martial-arts. He had acquired tonnes of knowledge and wisdom from his Gurus.

please don't stop reading...and read until the end. He got married and had 2 children a boy and a girl. But with all these abilities he couldn't market his talents properly and life was miserable and he couldn't make both ends meet. Due to his non-greedy attitude, he didn't make money and his wife and family was not happy, and his married life was a failure, as his wife never loved him. The love I imparted to her was kind of one-way traffic, and never returned. After 25 years of married life he, realized after training his son and daughter for 16 years,that they didn't have the passion to pursue the martial-arts, or any of the knowledge he possessed. He understood the sad situation that they were not helpful in expanding his business or never would assist him in his works, encourage him or nor could be his successor, as they were addicted to Mobile games in their teenage for 3 years continuously. His children never wanted to learn anything from their Dad, who was rich in knowledge. His wife spoke negatively to his children, about his career, and would say, "Never become like your father or pursue his career. He didn't earn a penny or have savings to build a House or teach his children". Whatever the person did for his family, during the past 25 years were unaccounted for by his wife and children and she would mock him every time saying that he was sitting idle and eating free from his wife's earning.

He was depressed and grieved in heart. He even tried to have a divorce, which was not accepted by her, and her parents, and life dragged on without a meaning. He felt lonely, as he never got assistance from his children to train the students, or never got a word of appreciation. He couldn't market his knowledge properly or never could become a Rich man, which was his gravest mistake. He was a billionair compared to the knowledge he possessed, but still a poor humble man, lonely and depressed. He started neglecting his health, not doing fitness training and the old disease once again started creeping in...

To add to his distress, his Younger Brother came from Dubai and he acquired the part of family home. Mr.KM had 1/3rd inheritance of the 15cent property in the center of kollam city. But due to the harsh behaviour of his brother, who had Liquor addiction, and who used bad words every time, it was difficult to live with him like a joint family. His bro destroyed all the rare 100 species of Herbal plants, collected from various parts of south India with lot of pain during the past 25 years, cut-off cctv camera wires, destroyed his exercise equipments, destroyed the light post lamps in the court-yard which glowed at night, cut-off the bell wires, and did lot of damages which was unbearable n miserable. All the dreams he had build-up in past 30 years had been shattered in a months time by his bro. He abandoned the training of Kalari, yoga in the shed he built for Rs.65000 and also abandoned a tiled cottage which he spend Rs.15,000 for maintenance. All that he had earned and that was spent for his dream had been destroyed. He tried to complain in the Police, but that was also of no use. He couldn't file a case or sue him in a court of law, as he was bankrupt and poor to fight monetarily to make good the loss incurred.

So 'KM' moved to a rental house, the rent of which was paid by his wife, since she had a job. To add to his dismay, Mr.KM's wife who had an aversion for sex, hated him, mocked and whenever he tried to justify his part a quarrel would arise and the daughter would say, "why are you staying at our home to quarrel with my Mom. She is paying the House Rent. Mom...why don't you send him away from this house". It was like "From frying pan in to the fire". Because he tried to correct or polish his childrens character, and scolded them...he became their enemy and their mother supported all their mistakes with love and affection and she became their pet. Please keep on reading...and don't stop.

But due to his prayers and godliness, one of his school day colleague of 10th class, who was settled at US, helped him by sending Rs.12,000 as Loan to give advance for setting up his offfice for training Kalari, Yoga, computer, etc. So he paid the advance of his office and 2 months rent. If his wife and children drove him away, may be he could go and sleep in the office at Kadavoor, Kollam. But he hardly had money for his daily food expense. He received trifle amounts, only if he had students. Every day was a miracle in his life and some how he survived, he knew his health was going down at the age of 56.

But he had a great dream to build a spiritual Ashram where people could be imparted wisdom in spiritual Yogic siddhis like water floating and other mysterious sciences. For this he needed at least 50 cents of land, in his own name, in some village area near a lake in the midst of nature, where everyone who came to him could find peace of mind, from where no one can drive him away. He dreamt to have a kalari school, herbal medicine manufacturing unit, breading few cattles, doing some agriculture of pady, a herbal garden, and at least 10 assistants with accountants, gardener, cattle caretaker, therapist, Computer assistants, trainers to teach yoga, martial-arts, swimming, water-floating, fitness training, helpers to manufacture medicines, etc. He dreamt of owning a massage cum treatment center where he could help the poor people, the oldaged with chronic diseases by giving them some free medicines. He dreamt to have few rooms n toilets, for stay for the visiting guests and patients. But unfortunately he never could fulfil his dreams or make it come true.

He also dreamt of some RICH LADY of any caste, creed or color from any part of the world who would be below of age 48 yrs, who could help in buying a land and developing a Resort, having a similar taste as his. She must have a flair for learning the martial-arts or Yoga and such a lady shall be taught all knowledge for FREE, who could love n care him, and be a lover, disciple or a life partner to serve him, who stayed with him, or otherwise would take him with her to her native land, opening a Martial-arts yoga training branch abroad, and be a helping hand in all his activities, and SHARE PROFITS EUALLY TOGETHER, and learn all the vast ocean of knowlege along with him. For all this to come TRUE, which is nothing less than a UNIVERSITY, for IS0 certification and everything, a huge amount is needed as charity, donation to this charitable institution. The blessings of many well-wishers, or an art loving rich lady who can be his life-partner is needed.

Another possibility is that any Rich man who would like to do business with my knowledge abroad in his native land, sharing the profits equally, by providing visa, comfortable stay, food, and invest in creating an Ashram for martial-art and spiritual subjects of Yoga, who can ofcourse provide a lady secretary who can be loving and be a helpful assistant, so that he shall not feel lonely due to lack of love and care. To such man all his knowledge and wisdom shall be his investment, who would manage and guide the center with the help of few assistants.This is also a business offer.

He never ran behind money, as he knew knowledge is money...and he always tried to acquire it, by spending all his earnings to learn the wisdom from his Gurus, in buying lot of books which became a libray of personal collection of modern n ancient collection in 5 languages, in 30 years.
And that unfortunate man Mr.KM, was none other than 'Kollam Mathews' the founder of 'Bali Kalari Siddha Marma Chikitsa Kendra, Iron-bridge, kollam', who taught Kalaripayat, Yoga and many things as a One-man-army, without assistance of anyone. Read until end.

So if any rich people, or any good kind-hearted person around the world is reading this article, just lend a helping hand to make me rise up and fulfill my dreams with your charity or donation. I want to transmit all the rare knowledge I aquired to students world-wide, who can join for classes and help me. Even the smallest or triflest help possible by you....can be send in my bank account. By helping me, you are helping to keep these art and knowledge alive, so that it can be transferred to next generation. As you know the siddhars of India including Bhogar(Bo-yang in chinese), Agasthyar, kalanginathar, Bodhidharma(Ta-Mo) and the Buddha all have passed on the rich wisdom to the chinese and now there are a leading country in the world. In the same way your country too will become rich in knowledge through this humble person, who has knowledge unimaginable. You are helping me to get settled, and stand steady in front of my kith and kins who ridiculed me for following this path of learning traditional Indian art n wisdom. If I am able to stand-up and become independent, I would be able to show them that I own an Ashram, and what I teach is of great value to the world. I want to show my wife n kids that I have achieved my dreams.

Any person can also help me by buying or Marketing the Ayurveda-siddha Medical software developed by me, or buy vcds-dvds of kalaripayat or buy few of my Autobiography books and distribute it to your friends, or buy kalari lock books on Kalaripayat with 175 different locking techniques or learn from me and help me monetarily. God will surely bless you hundred or thousand fold of whatever help you do to me. Whatever you do...the blessings will come back to you in a differen way through others or through me.

Bank details: Mathew.P.C, Andhra bank (Now Union bank), a/c no. 046010011004203. IFSC code: ANDB0000460, beach road, chinnakkada, kollam, Kerala. Can Google pay the amount in 9847553600.

I have my kalari office on the address given below. You can personally visit or mail me and enquire and find, what I have written is completely true. You can decide whether all the knowledge I have, should die with me or I should die with my dreams unfulfilled. Many hands together can make miracles happen, save these precious knowledge with me from becoming extinct for the next generations to come, and make my dreams come true. The 'stone' that was abandoned by all shall become the 'corner-stone' by God's grace, which will be fulfilled by your helping hand. Be a part of the 'Miracle' which is yet to come, and even if a single drop of tears swell out from your eyes, and you feel some pity or love, you shall do the smallest charity you can. God bless once again all brothers and sisters around the world who read this, and do their part of small help to make me rise up.

Mathew Guru Mathew Guru


Branch: 2nd floor, Remya bldg, Kadavoor temple, Kollam, Kerala, India(Working 9-6pm).
To know more about me visit and feel free to get in touch. Awaiting your call and help.
Director: Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 7994461146

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