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Bali Kalari Sangham
Siddha Marma Chikitsa Gurukulam
Temple of Martial-arts

H.O Iron-bridge(Temporarily closed).
Branch: 2nd Floor, Remya Bldg, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam, Kerala, India. (Working:9-6pm)

Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews Mobile:0091-9847553600
Affliated to Nehru Yuva Kendra, Govt of India. No.NYK/4915/669/2016.
POLICE PERMIT No.01/2017 issued under the Kerala Police Regulation of Physical Training Rules - 2000

Order Form-Y for Yoga courses

Few students practicing Yoga session at Bali Kalari, Iron-bridge, kollam
On left is Shelly(Gurukkal's son) & right is Akshay,Kayamkulam performing Ustram,Vajrasan, & Upavishtakon asanas

ustram vajrasan Upavishtakonam

Please Note the COURSE-CODE OF Yoga courses and click on send button and type the course code you need to enroll.

Our Training Services list

Join for the following Yoga Training
Basic Yoga Training Course (BYTC) INR: 5,000 Course Code: BYTC-1
for a Fast-track 10 days course (Equal to 1 mth) Duration: Daily 2 hrs (Theory + Pract)

Yoga Teachers Training Course (YTTC)
INR: 7,500 Course Code: YTTC-2
for a Fast-track 10 days course (Equal to 3 mth) Duration: Daily 3 hrs (Theory + Pract)

Advanced Yoga Teachers Training Course (AYTTC)
INR: 15,000 Course Code: AYTTC-3
for a Fast-track 10 days course (Equal to 6 mth) Duration: Daily 4 hrs (Theory + Pract)

Grand Master or Yogis Training Course(GMYTC)
INR: 1LAKH Course Code: GMYTC-4
30 days crash-course (very rare training imparted) (Equal to 1 year) Duration: Daily 5 hrs (Theory + Pract)

GMYTC syllabus
includes Shiva-shakthi principles (Yin-yang) its theory & practical aspects known to Yogis or prophets, controlling gender or genetics of birth,
Miraculous Mudras or handforms technique for cure of diseases and to improve health, Science of breath for making life positive, controlling your
destiny, longevity(extending your life), becoming healthy, wealthy and wise, use of Yoga-dandu to control breath and destiny, making situations
favourable for you in life..., Waterfloating siddhis, like sitting, standing, or lying in water and doing 30 or more yogasanas in water. Many top secrets
which has developed in research by Mathew Gurukkal,
which the world does not know. Images of various asanas done in water, and detailed computer printed notes or booklet of waterfloating
will be given FREE with the practical training and lot more....Notes of the complete Sastra (science of breath) is available as computer printed booklet
in two languages English and Malayalam. For achieving these yogic feats you don't have to go to the jungles or forest, do penance or fasting.You
yourselves will become a
true Yogi by the Grace of the Grand Master or Mathew one can weigh these precious knowledge in a pan-balance
of money and hence, only those who are
truely dedicated and can afford the stated amount need apply for this rare studies. There is 'No Gain without pain' and 'No achievement without Sacrifice'.

The Room-rent(stay) and Food expenses shall be extra and is not included in the course fee. Only vegetarian Kerala style food will be served during the course. You can have food of your choice outside as well, if needed. Since we have only 6 seats for the above courses every month, please reserve or make booking for the courses in advance, with 40% of course-fee as advance payments by Online Money transfer, send in the bank a/c stated below. Remaining 60% may be made directly as cash when you arrive at our center. For more querries contact us.
Note: For people wishing to do a Distant Education Training programme for the special GMYTC, you can pay the total amount payable in four instalments of US$: 500 (Rs.25000) each every week. The course materials(printed notes) shall be send to you in your Email-id and any 'videos' of the same on how to do instructions shall be send to you by courier or postal parcel service, only after each instalment is made. The full payment must be paid in 4 consecutive weeks within a month. In this way you can practice this being at home, and save the To & fro flight charges, food and rent expenses, etc.

Certificate Issue of Yoga as a
Yogacharya(Yoga Teacher) - INR: 15,000 Course Code: CERT-YOG5

For commencement of yoga Training classes you need to make an advance payment of 10% of total course fees for the selected courses chosen by you & complete it successfully under 'Mathew Yogi'. Send the amount through the payment gateway which follows after send page.

He received the Siddhi of Water-floating and connected many other 'SIDDHIS' or 'GIFT of GOD' back in 1984 as angels or Gods voice by faith in his words. A Siddhar or Yogi is one who has siddhis, and this TITLE was directly recived from above and not bestowed by human beings as a proof that he was on the right track of spiritual quest.

Send testimonials of proof scaned with a brief cv and your experience in the field, with a passport size photograph, copy of passport, etc. in my email ID: If interested in opening a class for Yoga abroad on a profit sharing ration of 60%-40% each for you and me, u can invite me, with issue of flight e-tickets ,arrangement for residential stay and food at your expense.

You need to undergo a Practical Yoga Teachers Training Test INR: 5000 Course Code: PRAC-YTTT6
before a Certificate can be issued,
to prove your ability to become a Yogacharya.

If you are unable to come to India, you can do anOnline Theory Test for Yoga INR: 5000 Course Code: OL-THEO-TST-YOG7

3 DAYS DISTANT PRACTICAL TEST via Web-Cam using IMO in mobile or Skype in computerINR: 5000 Course Code: DIST-PRACT-TST-WC8

on a fixed date arranged by us

When you click send Email please type in your querries regarding our courses on Yoga Describe about the kind of Training you require, your arrival date, kind of Accommodation needed or Food to be arranged in advance near the Kalari(school), which shall be done at your expense, and payment for same, to be made in advance. You can describe the perod of stay here, or state reasons for not being able to study for a longer duration,etc.

Send Mail

for students who enroll for a course

The prices for each subject varies or goes high from time to time and there are only limited seats for each courses. So before you MISS the chance, take the opportunity to
ORDER immediately. If you wish to do a Yoga course at our Centre, we can arrange affordable, economic type Accommodations nearby and and good Food in nearby hotels at a reasonable price For these personal expense or outings, purchasings, etc, you need to keep some extra amount. Only the course price is mentioned above. All training will be started after the full-payment is remitted either directly at our centre or through online methods.


This offer is valid only for those who
enroll for a Yoga course at our centre. As a special promotional offer every week a half-hour BOAT-RIDE through the Ashtamudi lake at kollam and a weekly once
Elephant ride of 5minutes, and site seeing of elephants working with lifting of wooden-logs, taking to any temple festivals, etc one free Body-massage, Errors or ommisions can be expected in the site, which is constantly been checked and corrected from time to time.

H.O Iron-bridge(Temporarily closed).
Branch: 2nd Floor, Remya Bldg, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam, Kerala, India. (Working:9-6pm)

Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 9847552600

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