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Ba'li Kalari Sangham,
H.O:Iron-bridge, Kollam(Temporarily closed).
Branch: 2nd Floor, Remya Bldg, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam, Kerala, India. (Working:9-6pm)

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Order Form-T for treatments,Massage,Siddha & Ayurveda courses

Please note the CODE for Massage/Treatment Course before clicking SEND MAIL

1 week Rejuvination Massage:(Duration:45min per day - Using special herbal oils)
CODE: 1wkRejMsg INR:8,000 For any internal medicines or extra body application oils purchased by you, there will be extra charges.
Massage will be done Using Hand or Foot(Chavutti Thirummu)

2 week Rejuvination Massage:
(Duration:45min per day - Using special herbal oils)
CODE: 2wkRejMsg INR:16,000 For any internal medicines or extra body application oils purchased by you, there will be extra charges
Massage will be done Using Hand or Foot(Chavutti Thirummu).

1 week TREATMENT MASSAGE for backpain,disc-slip,cervical spondilitis,jointpains or Arthritis:
(Duration:45min per day - Using special herbal oils)
CODE: 2wkTreatMsg INR:12,000 For any internal medicines or extra body application oils purchased by you, there will be extra charges.
Massage will be done using Hand or Foot(Chavutti Thirummu)

2 weeks treatment Massage for backpain,disc-slip,cervical spondilitis,jointpains or Arthritis:
(Duration:45min-Using special herbal oils)
CODE: 2wkTreatMsg INR:20,000 For any internal medicines or extra body application oils purchased by you, there will be extra charges.
Massage will be done using Hand or Foot (Chavutti Thirummu)

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Kerala Style Body Massage Training course- Using Hand or Foot (Any one style taught) (10 days Fast Track course)
(Equivalent to 3mth course)
Course CODE: KSBMsg-Train INR:12,000

[Syllabus:Using of Herbal kizhis(boluses),Basic oils used, different massage stroke methods,three chief Accupressure points to cure Headache, Toothache and Asthma, 5 herbal leaves], various kalari stances of Foot-massage, bodyweight transfer]

Traditional Ayurveda Training course (Theory + Practicals)
Course CODE: Basic-Ayurv-Train INR:25,000

10 days Fast Track course (Equivalent to 1month course)

[Syllabus: Making of Herbal kizhis(boluses),Basic oils used for various ailments,three chief Accupressure points to cure Headache, Toothache and Asthma,25 herbal plant names(botanical, English, tamil or sanskrit names) with its pictures, identification methods and uses. One can stick the leaf samples in a book and write personal notes of each, and learn one oil preparation for swelling, one Lehyam(Electuary) making for body rejuvination and health, doing Medicines and treatments for 10 General diseases]

Advanced Ayurveda Trainingcourse (Theory + Practicals)
Course CODE: Adv-Ayurv-Train INR:60,000
20 days Fast Track course (Equivalent to 3month course)
[Syllabus: Making of different Herbal kizhis(boluses),Names of different oils used for various ailments,three chief Accupressure points to cure Headache, Toothache and Asthma,50 herbal plant names(botanical, English, tamil or sanskrit names) with its pictures, identification methods and uses. One can stick the leaf samples in a book and write personal notes of each, and learn body massage oil preparation for joint swelling, pain, fractures, Hair oils, Lehyam (Electuary) making for body rejuination and health, sexual-power(vajikaranam), mental, marma injuries (tablets or Gulikas), Medicines and treatments for 50 different General diseases. Every thing is taught from Mathew Vaidhyans practical experience of 3 decades.]

See the Youtube video on talk about Kalaripayat, Yoga, Ayurveda, Marma-chikitsa given below

If you are a doctor in any discipline, please mention details in the suggestion box below. It will be an added advantage. You are required to
send testimonials of proof of your profession scanned with a brief cv showing your experience, along with a passport size photo, copy of passport etc. in my e-mail: balikalari@playful.com This is done so as to assure that this secretly gaurded course training reaches the right hands only.

KAYAKALPA Herbal medicine for anti-ageing: (Price: Rs.25,000)
Medicine will be supplied in 1-2 months time:(
As powder form.)


Kayakalpa is the ancient secret of siddhars, Rishis or Yogis who maintained their youthfulness, eliminating the diseases, rejuvinating body, increasing sexual power of body, having pleasant life with life-partners, and extended their age beyond the normal life span and did their duties of transmitting the knowledge. 'Kaya' means body, and 'Kalpa' means making the body strong like a rock. Now Mathew Gurukkal has received the secret of making Kayakalpa medicines, which was secretly guarded in India and known only to the vaidhyans or Tranditional herbalists who treated the Royal families of Kerala. With great difficulty he has attained the secret of the making of Herbal Kayakalpa medicines using rare herbal plants, roots, minerals, etc. Kayakalpa is also attained using Siddha bhasmas as well. But since the spudam(making to powder process) is not so safe nowadays, the Herbal kayakalpa is safe for anyone. For this the person body humors like vata, pitha, kabha is also taken in to account and the medicine made. The medicine takes 3-5 months in making, accumulating the herbs, drying, extracting juices, processing it and finally making it to powder form taken as decoction with certain anupanas as adviced for 48 days. The speciality of the medicine is that it does not affect in a body in a week or two, but the affect starts showing after 20days or more and has sustained effect for many years, if the adviced padhyam (do's and don'ts of diet) are taken care as adviced by the vaidhyan. The amount has to be paid in advance in to bank account and you will have to wait for atleast a month or two patiently. If you are lucky you will get this rare medicine in a month time depending on all the herb availability, depending on rains, etc as herbs grow in that season. Certain herbs are difficult to get in summer time as they dry and wither away. Lot of painstaking labour is their behind these medicines.

KAYAKALPA Herbal medicine making Course: (Course code:K-KalpMake :: Price: Rs.1.5 Lakh for Indians only)
Duration: 2 months Fast-track


If Foreigners or Ayurvedic companies abroad wish to learn the making of this kaya-kalpa herbal medicine, they will have to negotiate the price with Mathews Vaidhyan, as the knowledge is very precious and of course it would be in Crores, (
as I don't want this knowledge to go abroad very easily, without payment of a Ransom as my dream is to setup an Ashram, perhaps a University where all these traditional kind of Indian treatment knowledge and spiritual knowlege, miraculous siddhis, etc may be imparted. To make this dream come true, I need a huge amount. So I am expecting foreign companies or people who can pay a very good lumpsum for transmitting the rare knowledge. To such people the photo of the rare herbal plants, its benefits, where it is available, what are the secret ingredients, etc shall be taught. As Indian students cannot afford this course at a great price, I am offering this at a low price only for deserving elite one's, who are willing to pay the above mentioned amount. For Indians...no bargaining in price, if you understand its preciousness.

Complete Bone-setting of body (Theory + Practical)
7 days Fast Track course 9-5pm:(Equivalent to 1 month course)

Learn the setting of bones of human body, incase sprains occur in falls, accidents, etc. In the course bone setting of most important all joints from head to heel is taught, with Ayurvedic or traditional treatments for bone fractures(minor), bandaging techniques, marma chikitsa, disc slip or disc prolapse treatments, neck sprains, back-pain injury treatment using holistic treatments like yoga, herbal oil massage for backpain, etc. Major or compound Fracture setting is not taught in our syllabus, as it complex and difficult to treat multiple fractures or cases in which the bones have been crushed to several pieces. Hence it is avoided as it can create ill-fame to the doctor or treating vaidhyan. Our syllabus mainly focuses on sprains of joints of various parts. Few herbal plant remedies for swelling and pain in joints shall also be taught. A very rare training handed down by traditional kalaripayat gurus, highly confidential secrets which now a days no masters are ready to impart. Join soon as many of my gurus are no more now, and if I had not learned it from them, these precious knowledge will be lost for the coming generations. So hurry...and join in and save these knowledge from becoming extinct from this earth. Be a part of the chain of Gurus to pass it on to next generation. Students can take stills or videos of the bone setting techniques which is demonstrated on the students body practically by Mathew Gurukkal. Break in between courses every day will be given for breakfast or Lunch purpose. The student needs to bring a note book for penning down the theory part explained by the Guru. If the student needs a certificate an extra Rs.5000 will be charged. Detailed training of Ayurveda is not included in this course. Only an introductory or necessary portion for bandaging with Ayurvedic medicines or herbs is taught. Best of Luck.
Course CODE: Bone-set-Train INR:25,000

Dr.Swaminathan (practitioner of Siddha medicine) at SriRangam, Trichy was taught
Marma-chikitsa (Bone-setting techniques), by Mathew Gurukkal on 18th Nov, 2011

Mathew Gurukkal gave him one day training on correcting the dislocation of skeletal-joints at his shop in Trichy
Dr.Swaminathan (siddha practitioner) Shop interior

Nataraj.B.K, a student from Shimoga, Karnataka visited our Kadavoor Temple office, Kollam on 22nd Nov 2020,
and learned some Bone-setting in Fast-track along with some Ayurvedic treatment tips for fever,
fracture, and few other diseases, etc.

Nataraj Shimoga, karnataka

Learn the secret Adangalof Kalaripayat (Theory + Practical)
The course includes the most secret or confidential training of reviving of unconscious person to consciousness, who have received injury on the vital spot or marma points by falls, vehicle accidents, beating from police, etc. Almost 14 most important Adangal points are taught for revival of patient by application of accupressure or performing marma chikitsa. Also some herbal tips to revive unconscious persons, and diet routine for the revived patient are taught. These wisdom is not handed down to common people by the Gurus, as it is safe guarded and handed only to their heirs or sons or daughters. Now Mathew Gurukal is ready to teach these methods to the most thirsty disciple who can pass these knowledge and safe guard or preserve it for the next generations. If these precious knowledge is not passed on these will surely become extinct, no doubt about it.
7 days Fast Track course with special herbal remedies for the same:(Equivalent to 1 month course)
Course CODE: Adang-Train INR:25,000

Siddha System of Medicine Training(Siddha vaidhyam) - preparation of medicine by the Yogis (Theory+Practical)

3 Mths Campus Fast-Track or 7mths online course:
(Equivalent to 2yrs)
Course CODE: Bone-set-Train INR:2Lakhs
Note: The syllabus contains theoritical studies like introduction, child diseases, medicine purification, practical preparation of traditional siddha lehyam(Electuaries), siddha oils, dosage for child and adults using bhasma,usage of various anupaanam for various disease, theory of preparation of vat(distillation) medicines, spudam techniques, Alchemy - an introduction, and practical body massage techniques, bone-setting, bandaging techniques, Herbal plants identification, its uses, photography, filing of herbal leaves in books, etc.

siddhamedicines siddhamedicines siddhamedicines

Herbal plants course : 10 days Fast Track (Equivalent to 1month course)
herbs herbal plant herbal plants

Basic herbal plant course (Course CODE: Basic-herb INR:25,000)

[Syllabus:Making a Collection of 50 herbal plant species from nature & sticking it in a book,its identification, medicinal uses,tastes, picture prints & theory notes]

Advanced herbal plant course(Course CODE: Adv-Herb INR:50,000)
15 days Fast-Track course (Equivalent to 2months course)

[Syllabus: Making a Collection of 150 herbal plant species from nature & sticking it in a book,its identification, medicinal uses, taste, picture prints & theory notes]

Certificate Issue of Marma-chikitsa (Ayurveda/Siddha+Herbal+Adangal(Revival)+Bone-setting) to qualify as a Traditional doctor(vaidhyan)
(Course CODE: Cert-Marm-chik INR:25,000)

To attain the above Certificate, and start teaching classes for any of the above courses, you need to make a payment of 10% through the site and remaining 90% directly at our center, for any of the above selected courses chosen by you & complete the theory & practicals classes successfully, and attain a certificate of Bali kalari Siddha Marma Chikitsa Gurukulam.

Note: Patients can also visit us directly to our center, have stay or accommodation and get marma-chikitsa treatments & natural Ayurvedic or siddha medicines for any incurable diseases.
Images of lady who came from Madurai, Tamilnadu for cervical problem caused in fall and their Video Testimonial link is given below

Tamil family from Madurai Marma-chikitsa Treatment at Bali kalari Sangham, kollam Marma chikitsa Treatment at Bali kalari Sangham, kollam

Click to see treatment testimonial of Mr.Bhaskaran & his wife Dhanalakshmi

Final Practical Examination (Direct or Online) for Siddha/Ayurveda/Adangal(revival)/Massage/Herbal courses to qualify as a Traditional Vaidhyan(Traditional Doctor or herbalist)/Masseur-Masseuce.(Course CODE: Final-pract-Exam-Marmachik INR:2,500)
To do the online Exam one must in advance have done concerned courses at our center.

If you are unable to come at Kollam, Kerala, India, you can do an
Online practical skills, guidance and Theory Test
for Siddha/Ayurveda/Adangal/Massage/Herbal courses
after attaining the printed Notes of corresponding subjects and making the payments for the same.

(Course CODE: OL-pract-Tst-Marmachik INR:2,500)

3days Practical Web-Cam Test on a fixed date arranged by us for Body Massage
or Video-chat using skype in a lap-top or IMO software with Mobile front-camera

(Course CODE: 3day-pract-Tst-Msg INR:2,500)

My Declaration:

Please type in your querries regarding enrolling for Ayurveda/siddha/Herbal study & remedy courses. Describe about the kind of Training you require, your arrival date, kind of Accommodation needed or Food to be arranged in advance near our Centre, which shall be done at your expense, and payment for same, to be made in advance. You can describe the perod of stay here, or state reasons for not being able to study here etc. pls write your suggestion to improve the courses, or deliever cds, etc. Pls give Suggestions or give extra details. Send your details or attachments of proofs in my email too.

Send Mail

for students who enroll for a course

The prices for each subject to changes from time to time. So take the opportunity to ORDER immediately and avail of the discounted offer available now.For course and treatments, Accommodation and Food expenses are at your own expense. Only the course prices are mentioned above. All study materials, for those needing correspondence or distant education, shall be delivered by courier, only after the full-payment is made in my a/c and will be delivered within 2 weeks time. All training shall also similarly be started after the full-payment is remitted either directly at our centre or through online methods.

If you are planning to conduct a Massage parlour or health clinic in your country, on a profit sharing ration of 50%-50% each for both of us, you can invite me, with issue of to & fro flight e-tickets,visit-visa, with arrangements for my residential stay and food facilities at your expense.


This offer is valid only for those who
enroll for Ayurveda/siddha/herbal course at our center.
As a special promotional offer every week a half-hour BOAT-RIDE through the Ashtamudi lake at kollam and a weekly once either an Elephant ride of 5minutes, orsite seeing of elephants working with lifting of wooden-logs, taking to any temple festivals, etc which ever may be available with one free Body-massage, and weekly once Free yoga training Session on Sundays for 1hour, may be provided. The Director of Bali kalari has the sole right to change the promotional offer schemes from time to time. Errors or ommisions can be expected in the site, which is constantly been checked and corrected from time to time.

Branch: 2nd Floor, Remya Bldg, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam, Kerala, India. (Working:9-6pm).
Email: balikalari@playful.com, balikalari@gmail.com, kollammathew@yahoo.co.in
Director:Mathew Guru:Mob.No: 91-9847553600,9847552600,7994461146.

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