Articles that came in Newspaper like Gulf Daily-Qatar, Malayala Manoramam, Kerala Kaumudi, Flash and Sayana shabdam.... Newspaper article of Mathew Gurukkal - Bali Kalari, East of Iron-bridge, Kollam, Kerala,S.India- Martial arts,self defence, Weapon training, VCDs,DVDs,Interactive, Marma-sastra & Marma-chikitsa DVDs, Yoga classes,Ayurvedic Body Massage, stage demos, etc.

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Articles that came in the various Daily Newspapers about
Kalarippayat Grand-Master (Mathew.P.C) and his son P.M.Shelly

What the Malayalam Daily say about me? Some proofs(Sayana Sabdham)
The following news on Bali kalari and Mathew Gurukkal came in the Sayana Shabdham Daily in malayalam language.
SayanaSabdam Daily

The article that came in the Sayanna Sabdham (Evening newspaper) on 20th May 2002 about Mathew Gurukkal cutting a Tree
Cutting tree article Sayana sabdam

One Giant Mango tree in Mathew Gurukkals residence at the back had uprooted. He approched few workers to get the tree branches cut-off. Since the Gurukkal could not get workers in time, he took the fighting sword which was razor sharp and climbed the fallen tree and one by one cut-off the huge branches suspended on ropes all by himself. The Local spectators watched the scene with amazement at the Skill of Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews.

News that came in the Gulf times daily when Mathew Gurukkal was at Qatar.Mathew Gurukkal also conducted a demo with his brother Cherian at the Malayalee Samajam at Qatar
Gulf Times Daily

News that came in the Kerala Kaumudi malayalam daily about Mathew Gurukal dated April,5th 2010

Mathew Gurukkal performs various Yogasanas floating in water

News that came in the Flash Daily where Mathew Gurukal's son P.M.Shelly who is 11years, studying in Std.VII, performs water floating. The video of Shelly P.M has been send to the Record Setter of World records, being the youngest water floater who did 8 yogasanas in 1min 3sec. Article dated August,22nd 2011


News that came in the Malayalam Manorama Daily where Mathew Gurukal and his son P.M.Shelly who is 11years, studying in Std.VII, together does water floating in a pond at Asramom near Sree krishna Swamy temple. Article dated August,23rd 2011

Mathew Gurukkal and his son performed various Yogasanas floating in water and the video of this came in Malayala Manorama News channel too. Lot of spectators watched this with excitement. Mathew Gurukkal has send his video proofs to 'The Record setter of world records' doing 30 yogasanas lying in water floating state for 4min 34sec. water-float

Youtube video that came in UK news live (United Kollam channel) on July 2nd 2020 during Covid-19 period...aboiut Mathew Water-floating with Face-Mask

Shown below is news that came in the Malayala Manorama daily on 3rd July 2020 & picture of 3 reporters from M.Manorama, Hindu daily and UK news Media Kollam.
water-float Mathew Gurukkal Tirumullavaram pond side

Youtube news coverage video of the Tangasseri Dutch Cemetary, that came about Mathew Gurukkal
in UK news live (United Kollam channel) on July 17th 2020 during Covid-19 period

Dutch Tomb Tangasseri Dutch cemetary mandapam

The Historical importance of the Monuments, and old grave of Dutch and the porteguess led me to notiify about the news to UK newis media, and the reporter and camera man, Aneesh and me visited the place and took a coverage of the current situation. Many of the antique swords and shield which were within a mandapam in 1979, are now not there and it is been stolen, since the last time I visited this place, when I was a student (kid of 8th standard) studying at Infant Jesus Anglo Indian school. Later, at the age of 18years, I was able to exttract some pure honey from the hollow of a tree which was then forest like, when I visited the place.
Very urgent measures have to be taken from the encroachment and demolishing of the Dutch Cemetary by people who live there, with the help of Kollam Collector, and Kollam Corporation, to safe guard the historical reminants . The people who dwell in the cemetary compound, says that the East India company handed this to the Central Government, and they further gave authority to the State government, who gave the place to the Tangasseri Bishop and the Bishop has given permission for the christians who live there. Whatever be the truth behind it and the legal document proofs have to be traced out by the concerned authorities and the political party who rule kerala, also must take necessary steps to safe guard and protect this place. Some measures have to be taken for desettlement of the people who live there, to some other place with better homes. If emergency measures are not taken, our comming generations, will never be able to know that a Dutch or porteguese culture existed in the Tangasseri area 1 km away from the Light-house. If you observe from the tarred roadside, the cemetary is not visible as there are more than 20 residents in the nearby surroundings, who have slums there.

Wishing you all the best - your's friendly, Kalari GrandMaster - ("Mathew.P.C")

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