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Given below are the details of intimate friends with whom exchange of spiritual wisdom have taken place & details of Various Gurus under whom Mathew Gurukkal has undergone training in Kalaripayat Martial-arts, Advanced Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha system of medicines(vaidhyam),etc.
Kalarippayat Grand-Master - Mathew.P.C

Born on '14th October 1966' at 'Kozhencherry', pathanamthitta district in 'Kerala', India. Later moved with my parents to 'Bhilai' in 'Madhyapradesh' and had my childhood studies there until 1978. My father, Late Mr.M.D.Cherian himself was an expert in the old art known at that time as Adi-thada or Marma Adi popular in TamilNadu. I was initiated to learning few leg and hand locking techniques, and some vital spots at the age of 10years. He taught me how to whirl a stick around my body, to deflect any attacks and keep enemmies at bay, when I was young. I always admired my father. He twirled the stick so fast, that I kept my hands on my ears in fear, due to the great humming sound it created in the air. In 1978 I returned and settled with my mom and brothers at kollam as my Dad was at Bahrain in Gulf for a period of 15years.
Joined I.J.A.I.H.S - Infant Jesus anglo Indian High School, Tangaseri in 8th Std and continued there till 10th Std and passed I.C.S.E in 1982. Then joined Sree Narayana College, kollam and passed Pre-degree. Then during 1985-89 I passed my Graduation in, at Thangal kunju Musaliar college, karikode, kollam. Then I got in to the computer - IT industry and did my D.P.C.S - Data preparation and computer Software, at National Institute of Computer Technology - NICT, chamakkada, kollam and became a software programmer and computer instructor in renowned APTECH and NIIT at kollam. Since I had inherited the tradition and heritage of Martial arts - kalaripayat, from my father, I had a passion for the martial-art of kerala from my childhood and it increased tremendously until my teenage days. I published my Book "Autobiography of a Kalaripayat Guru" in English of 318 pages. The same is available in Malayalam as two parts of 252 pages and 300 pages each. Title of Malayalam book is "Oru kalari Gurunathante Athma katha". It is a spiritual book and not just an Autobiography and has quotes from Mahabharata, ramayan, Bible and Quran. It is a great book on Martial arts philosophy, Water-floating, yoga secrets, treatments, herbal plants, eminent personalities - my gurus and lot more. Besides this I directed and produced almost 8 vcds or dvds or interactive cds, etc on on kalaripayat and marma-sastra. Also published 7 volumes of booklet on Kalaripayat locking techniques, each volume of booklet containing 25locks each and in total there is 175 locks, which no gurus in kerala has dared to publish, as it is top secret. Then I started teaching kalaripayat, yoga, Ayurveda and siddha treatments at my own center Bali kalari, near Iron-bridge, in 1989 after having trained with several other Gurus whose details are given below.

My Martial art Gurus

Late. Mr.M.D.Cherian - My Father and First Guru who was my guide and torch bearer in Martial-arts field

Time went on and slowly I learned here and there few techniques from my Dad like choking or strangling necklocks(Marana pootukal) using stick and its counter techniques. As I grew up I always asked him about the art, and he was reluctant to teach me all the techniques, saying "You would cause some problems". What all he taught was of great value to me, and I treasured it in my heart like most precious gems or gold. I knew he had with him plenty of stuff - tricks up his sleeve, and he was a great Marmani or knower of Vital spots of human body. He taught me how to flick-off a knife from an enemies hand using mere legs, and some techniques to distract the opponent and pinning him to the ground, as in wrestling. All the while my heart throbbed to learn about Martial-Arts. My father used to bring me lots of foreign edition books on various Martial Arts like Judo, Kung-Fu, Tai-chi, Karatae, etc and then I came to understand the value of our Indian Martial art. I have a great book collection of 30years in various languages like Tamil, sanskrit, English and Malayalam on varied subjects. When I completed my school days and stepped in to College for Pre-degree, I had hardly learned from my elder brother, Daniel.P.C - 2nd Guru few tips on Karatae.

Daniel.P.C - My brother and 2nd Guru in Karate

I soon Joined the Alan Thilak Shito-Ryu Karatae school and continued there for six-months or so and during the six-months my Karatae Instructor - Sempai Raghu-3rd Guru, and was very happy that I was learning very fast, and in a short time of six-months I had caught up with the Katas - shadow-fight techniques, and the advanced Brown-Belt Katas as well. I mastered the Nan-chakku - Brucelee's favorite weapon, my self and developed my own techniques in it. Soon I had a bad encounter with some villans at S.N College. Twenty men who surrounded me and many had with them knives and luckily my political friend interferred and I was rescued without harm. This seemed to be the turning point. I came to know that I could not defend myself against weapons of an enemy since there was very few weapons in Karatae.
My father, then at Bahrain whenever he visited India, would teach few tips on handling Kuruvadi or Short-sticks and knives. He was my first Guru whom I respected the most and owed a lot for his valuable contributions in the Martial-Art.

Late.Sensei Moses thilakan and his disciple Sempai Raghu Kumar - Shito Ryu Karatae - 3rd Guru
Sensei Mosesthilak  Image Sensei Moses thilak Image Sensei Moses thilak Image

I received training under Sempai Raghu kumar in the year 1982-83, for almost 1 year, who was the disciple of Late.Sensei Muthaiya Moses thilakan (Vice President of All India Karatae-Do Fedration). It was Sensei Moses who along with his college Alan, a canadian established in south India, the Alan-thilak Shito-Ryu karate school. Moses thilak was a resident of Tamilnadu and had his head-office of karate school at Madras(chennai), where he conducted his classes previously and has directly did training under 'Kenei Mabuni'. Kenei Mabuni was the son of 'Kenva Mabuni' - Founder of 'Nippon Karatae-do', Osaka, Japan. During a short span of 1 year, I reached the grade of senior Brown-belt through training from Sempai Raghu kumar in 1982. Now sempai Raghu kumar is a honarary coach for the 'All India Karatae Tournament'. Thus from the descending Hierarchy of Great Masters like Kenva Mabuni, Kenei Mabuni, Moses thilakan, Raghu Kumar, I naturally was the fith generation Master in Karatae. But since I knew the impact of Kalaripayat on other Martial arts of the world, and had a basic training from my dad in my childhood, I took a sudden decision to leave the field of karatae training, and decided to plunge in to the training of kalaripayat, which surprised many of my Karatae colleagues who are now 5th Dan black-belts (sensei or renshi) or higher. From 1983 pmwards. I became more serious in promoting our Traditional south Indian Martial art form of Kalaripayat, as being an Indian it was my duty to keep alive the Legandary Martial-art form - kalaripayat from becoming extinct in the coming generations.

Late. Kottrazhikathu Kumaran Asan - My 4th Guru in kalaripayat(Kathina yogam)
Then I searched for the Kalaripayat Martial-Art which had all the weaponery items in it. Some time in 1983, when I was doing my Ist year pre-degree course at S.N.College, kollam, after a long search in Quilon , which is now known as KOLLAM, I found my Master 'Kottrazhikathu Kumaran Asan'- 4th Guru, who was then teaching Malabar style named kathina yogam near 'Kallumthazham' at 'chootravila' Junction in Quilon and later transferred his teaching location to Kottrazhikathu veedu, Mangad, Quilon in the school name 'Mahadeva Kalari Sangham'. I was able to learn lot of precious techniques from him like steps, kuruvadi or short-stick, marma-techniques, increasing perukam or accumulated power, Marma-techniques, Herbal remedies etc. Years later one or two times I would meet him and he would test strength in my feet and changing step as per techniques. Once he gave me a short-stick and asked me to snatch it from him. I said I will not use much force against you, but will try to extract the stick from your hand and for few minutes we struggled changing steps and finally I succeded in getting the stick from him. He appreciated me and said you have learned quite a lot. It was at this time I took the snap of him in my camera. In between he would send a couple of students in my kalari near Iron-bridge, Kollam to test me unknowingly. After many years in August 2001, when I returned with my family from Kodaikanal and went once again to meet him. I did not know whether my guru was alive or dead. I decided to visit his home and on the way, came to know from a near-by neighbour that the guru had expired on 30th June 2001 at 12.30 pm at the age of 98. He had lived almost a Century and had been the witness of the past British rule and the reign of the king's and Royal families. His past encounters with soldiers during the Royal time is also very much interesting. His two son's one Mr.Surendran - working in Excise dept, and Mr.Sudhakaran -Rtd. Sub-Inspector of Police - Reserve camp, were still continuing teaching near palkulangara temple, kallumthazham, kollam. I came to know that one of his disciples, Sashankan, kootani, uliyakovil were also teaching Kalaripayat. He had received majorly the treatment side. Kottra Asan never accepted defeat and was a very courageous man and was a man of his time. His death is a loss to the current generation.
I became a Gurukkal due to the blessings of Late. Ahmed Kunju Ashan - My Grand Master, who followed Thekkan or Southern Style of kalaripayat, and is said to have had empty hand fighting with a wild bear in some forest area. He died due to throat cancer and I was lucky enough to serve him at Hospital for many weeks when he was at his death-bed. The List of Gurus goes on and as Time rolled on i.e, years passed by,one by one I went on learning body techniques like steps, locks, rolls, leaps, etc, stick techniques, weapon techniques, vital points, massaging techniques, herbal treatments, etc.

Prakasan Gurukkal - 5th Guru in Southern style(Thekkan) kalaripayat
Prakashan Gurukal with Mathew in 1984 Prakashan Gurukal

Displayed above is a rare picture of Mathew Gurukkal with A.K.Prakasan Gurukal back in 1984. Mathews practiced under Prakashan Guru in the Gurukula System of Training for seven years and during the period he was incharge as the Instructor of three kalari branches, one at Ayathil, Kollam and one at Jawahar-bal Bhavan, Kollam and one at his own home, which includes his own kalari at his residence. Later on he formed his independent kalari name 'Bali Kalari Sangham (Siddha marma chikitsa kendra - Temple of Martial-arts)' and trained in his Four new branches one at Perumon, Edappallycotta, Iron-bridge,and Karunagapally. Prakashan Guru has one daughter and two sons. Prakashan Guru runs his kalari in the name Sree Narayana Kalari Sangham - S.N.K.S, kollam. Ahmed kunju Asan and Kottrazhikathu kumaran Asan were his Gurus too. I presented a Syllabus on Kalaripayat to Prakashan Gurukkal in a hand-written form for the 1st time and also helped him in bringing various belt-gradings in kalaripayat to analyse the competency of students. I also presented to him samples of certificates of kalaripayat with Merits like Iron-star, silver-star and Golden star for various years of achievement in the kalaripayat field, which he later incorporated for his students at his Kalari till date.
Prakashan Gurukkal claims to know Nokku-marmam - applying vital spots by staring of eyes to a Marma point, and choondu marmam - applying marma or vital spots using the pointing of index finger without touching the body. Lot of criticism and opposition came from various kalari gurus including his guru Kottrazhikathu Asan and various Gurus in Kerala Kalaripayat Association, who asked 'Can you execute this siddhi on us? why only he does these techniques on his disciples alone?...and so on. But Prakasan Gurukkal did not accept there challenges. Also mention of these criticisms against him have come in Philip Zarrilis book "Where the whole body becomes eyes".
But in reality there are rare masters who have these siddhis or miraculous powers and such people are brahmacharis i.e, unmarried people, with nishta or strict discipline in life, having mantra siddhis - attained mental powers invoked by constant chanting of mantras for months or years together. Also masters who have these siddhis don't mention these before public for attainment of fame. To attain these siddhis one may take at least 5-10years of constant discipline and meditation in a lonely place or mountains with controlled diet, humble living style, humble clothing, abstaining from sexual relations with opposite sex, and moderation in everthing.
Once I met a Christian missionary - Pastor.Satyaneshan, at Vithalwadi, kalyan, Thane dist, Maharashtra, who had the ability of choodu Marmam or Nokku Marmam. When I had a talk with him he told he could make any person fall unconcious in seconds. When I asked him whether the aid of any mantra was required like Hindu Mantras, to practice this miraculous power, he said "No Mantras are needed for this. I only pray to the omni potent God and I got it just through faith". So very ardent faith is needed to execute this power or siddhi of NokkuMarmam or choondu Marma, and there is no barriers of caste or creed or religious boundaries for a person to learn this. Pr. Satyaneshan is a resident of Venjarumood, Trivandrum, Kerala, who is settiled in Mumbai.

Rama Chandran Asan of Nagarcoil, Tamilnadu - 6th Guru in Thekkan Varma-adi/Silambam
Raman Asan image

Rama Chandran Asan ,also known as Raman, is a teacher of Thekkan or the southern style Kalari and Silambam, Aged 72yrs, residing in Nagarcoil district of Tamilnadu. He learned the art from the eminent Guru Varughese Asan at Kanyakumari district, where they together started classes for the fishermen living on the sea coast. Ramachandran Asan has disciples numbering in thousands in the Kanyakumari District and has been in the martial art training for half a century. I met Raman Asan first on 6th April, 2011. Since then I have understood lots of locks or steps which was in existence in ancient Nagarcoil. Raman Asan though he has some intoxicating habit, we must understand that in whatever state he is, when it comes to teaching the Martial-art, he has abundant knowledge in the subject. He neglects material gains like accumulating of land or wealth, etc and teaches disciples who really has the flair for learning the art and loves those who are really into promoting the art.

My Yoga Gurus

Late. Shri.Yogashiromani Kadavoor chellan shasthrikal
My Yoga and Naturopathy Guru - 7th Guru

Image of My Yoga Guru and Me

I met him on 9th November, 2001 at his residence at perinad, Kollam. He is the director of 'Sree Shivananda Yoga-Naturopathy Centre' and a man of abundant wisdom in Yoga and Naturopathy or Nature cure. He had his training from ,Member - Institute of Mahayoga and Natural Hygiene - M.I.M.& N.H, founded by Shri.Sivananda Yogi, Delhi. His humour sense is as good as his profound knowledge in the subject. He is a specialist in treating all types of skin disease including poisonous skin disease related with rats, spiders, exema, psoriasis etc. He does drugless treatments for other health problems like Asthma, Paralysis, Diabetes, Obesity, Migrane, Blood-pressure, Rheumatism, Impotence, Gastrouble, etc are also cured in his centre. Though I had lots of experience of Yoga through books, he is imparting knowledge from his direct experience with many famous yogis or sages of India like Vishnudevananda swamy - also known as 'Parakkum Swamy',who is of Sivananda Yoga centre, Neiyardam, which cannot be attained from any book. I am still continuing my studies with him. Naturopathy deals with treatment of a disease with proper food control giving light to do's and don'ts. One must eat food for his health rather than eating food for his tongue i.e, in other words eating tasty, spicy or oily food is unhealthy for body.

Salim Gurukkal - 8th Guru (Spiritual and Siddha)
Salim Guru Image

M.A Salim Gurukkal is a resident of Chalai Market, Trivandrum. We were like friends and have exchanged between us the wisdom on various subjects like Marma-sastra, spiritual subjects, Ayurveda treatments, Siddha treatments, Massage, etc. Though we were intimate friends who have shared many great secrets in many areas to and fro. Since he is five years older than me and would be 60years now in 2015. I have given respect to him like one of my friend and Guru. Currently Salim Guruakkal is a member of Kerala Kalaripayat Association. we have travelled together to many pilgrimage places and holy hills like maruthwamala, palani, Agasthya koodam - 22 kms from Bonacaud, Tvm and Bheema masjid,Tvm, etc, which is explained in the book wrote and published by me - Autobiography of a Kalaripayat Guru. The book is available in English and Malayalam.

My Spiritual Gurus

Late.Madhavan Pillai Swamikal (Spiritual and Ayurveda)
Maruthwamala, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu - 9th Guru
Madhavan swamikal Image

I received various knowledge on Herbal plants and remedies for Impotency i.e, childless people from Late. Madhavan pillai swamikal of Maruthwamala. He is no more but the soul lives forever.

My Ayurveda Guru

Ramakrishnananda swamy or Vaidhyar Swamy -10th Guru (Ayurveda and herbal studies)
Vaidhyar swamy & Mathew Gurukkal at Maruthwa hills

Various knowledge on Herbal plants and ayurvedic Herbal oil formulatory were got from Vaidhyar swamy, at Maruthwamalai, KK district, T.N. He is a resident of Kottarakara.

My Siddha Gurus

Lakshmana Vaidhyar - 11th Guru (Siddha vaidhyam)
Lakshmanan vaidhyar

Lakshman Vaidhyar, Aged 81yrs in 2015, a resident of Karunagapally, Kollam, Kerala, hailing from a Chekavar or warrior family of Traditional Ayurveda and Siddha doctors. His grand parents were settled at Mavelikkara and they had a family temple near chettikulangara. Lakshmanan vaidhyar is a man of great theoritical and practical knowledge in Traditional treatments, Herbal plants, martial-arts and had been in the Siddha field for more than half a century. I had been with him in training for one year and attained both theoritical and practical lessons in siddha medicine manufacture like siddha bhasmams, siddha herbs, decotions and various other secret medicinal formulas for treatment of Cancer. He is a Registered Licence holder from "All Kerala Parampariya Vaidhya Federation". Undisputably he is a giant in the field of Siddha doctors and a legend currently alive.
More than a Guru, he treated me like a son as he had three daughters. He has a friendly and loving nature, and constant devotion to the omnipotent GOD. Lakshmanan vaidhyar has taken tremendous efforts in transferring whatever knowledge he has, to me very fast, so that these knowledge should not get extinct and it should benifit millions. Siddha treatments include treatments for Incurable Asthma, T.B, Leprosy, Cancer, Kidney troubles, kidney stones, Bloodpressure, Heart attack, incurable backpain due to disc-slips, Incurable body pains, etc. Due to the efficiancy of Siddha medicines originated from the siddhars or yogis, incurable diseases, are getting cured fast in a span from 41days or a Mandalam, to 3 or 6 months. several people who have lost all their hope in other forms of remedies and super speciality hospitals are now approching for the siddha treatments now a days, and are getting cured very fast at comparitively cheaper rates. The siddha medicine is a boon for the humanity.
we must appreciate these proven effective remedies of Siddha handed by Guru-disciple lineage, and also preserve it by learning it from wise masters. If the kerala govt or traditional Kalaripayat lovers & those who love our heritage, don't support organisations like our's by providing funds financially or don't incorporate new ways of spreading these wisdom of the Siddhars,and don't teach our younger generations, these techniques or knowledge, it will get extinct in the coming few decades. The wise foreigners who know the value of our arts and traditional treatments will learn it fast as they are financially on a better side and later on may write authoritative books on our subjects and teach us and open new Ayurveda & Siddha universities in foreign lands and one day our children will have to go to foreign land and spend several lakhs or crores of Rupees to learn our own traditions. That will be a pathetic condition, as we don't respect or promote our traditions.

Christy Miranda Vaidhyan, Kollam - 12th Guru (Siddha vaidhyam)
Christy miranda vaidhyar

Christy Vaidhyar's ,father was also a renowned doctor of Siddha medicine. And thus Christy also has a tradition of siddha treatments and he has shared or taught me many secret ways to treat all types of General disease using the neetu bhasmams or oxidized powders, its dosages, duration of giving medicines, considering the age factor of patients and so on. He is also a Master Degree holder of M.A and is well versed in English. He has purchased my Autobiography book in English as well and is a great personality whom I respect as one of my siddha Gurus.

Archenjal Vaidhyan, Kanyakumari District - 13th Guru (Siddha vaidhyam)
Arkenjal vaidhyar

Archenjal vaidhyan is yet another Siddha Guru for me in the Siddha System of medicine and he has given me many secret tamil scriptures and has translated it for me to malayalam. He has explained to me practically and theoritically the making of vat or distilled medicines for kidney dialysis patients at his center near kanyakumari. He has imparted knowledge on many great secret preparation of siddha medicines, herbal plants, and is a good guide to me. This image of Mathew Gurukkal and Archenjal was taken at koodalloor forest area, near Nilambur where herds of wild elephants frequently enter the village areas. Archenjal owned a house and 1 acre place at koodalloor. The room in which we both stayed one night at koodalloor was rampaged by elephants after few months of our returning from there.

Ashraf of Ernakulam, an expert in Reiki, Energy transmission, Atheendriya dhyanam
and an Intimate friend of Mathew Guru
Ashraf image

Ashraf and myself had been friends for many years, and he has visited my center at kollam several times. He is an Energy-healer, and is a Govt employee. Previously he had been in the Himalayas for 7 years in the most extreme cold climatic conditions, and have met face to face with many hundreds of Yogis, saints, sadhoos, tantric people, sufisetc, when he was in areas of darjeeling, gangtok, kalingpong, kanjenjunga, in the himalayan valleys. He has also met many wise Buddhist monks of Tibet, who were spiritual Grand-masters of Atheendriya dhyanam(Super natural meditation techniques) of Yoga, and have attained the wisdom from them as well. He is a simple man, in modern garb with hidden amazing knowlege, and has mastered higher levels of meditation, para-kaya pravesham (transmitting of soul to other bodies), telepathy, Reiki, pranic-healing, astral-projection of soul, psychic-seduction and controlling of human minds, and has probed areas which the modern science could not penetrate. The practice of controlling of the Universal energy, is for health and the well-being of humanity. We have shared many knowledge with each other. Ashraf has also done many research on the Atomic-level (kanika thalam) and has shared with me, secrets on how to control the powers of nature, by merging of mind with the universal power, cosmic or Astral travels, and lot more. We have discussed subjects on the separation of soul from body in a highly cosmic-level of mind which is a Near Death experience(NDA) and lot of secret doctrine of yoga, martial-arts, and how to manifestation any of your needs like wealth, fame and prosperity etc, through projection of energy or commanding to get things done, which are highly confidential. These ancient wisdom of India are priceless, and cannot be shared with common laymen.

Kannan vaidhyar an Intimate friend of Mathew Gurukkal
(Spiritual, Siddha vaidhyam, herbal studies)
Kannan vaidhyan Kunjiraman vaidhyar

Kannan Vaidhyan, s/o Gopala Krishnan Vaidhyan and the Grand-son of Kunju Raman Vaidhyan, is an expert in Traditional Ayurveda and Siddha treatments, have also shared many confidential knowledge of sastras and ancient wisdom with Mathew Gurukkal and vice-versa. Kannan vaidhyan, has a lineage in traditional treatment for 3 generation, and is a resident of kollam, having practical know-how of herbal plants, treatment and secret sanskrit and tamil scriptures.

Daisifu Dr.Naresh Krishnan 10th Dan Black belt VT - USA and Red Sash XQD Malaysia
(is Mathews KungFu Guru)
naresh krishnan daughter Shruthie chinese malaysian master Sift Don Grose USA

Kungfu Grand Master Red-Sash Dr. N. Naresh krishnan (Leftmost) is the Vice-President of Asian affairs of the International Ving Tsun Kungfu Federation, Chief Instructor of India, National representative to India and head of Ving Tsun Academies of India. Dr. Naresh has trained with Chinese Master Sifu Wong Seng Choong in Malayasia and(4th image from left) and Sifu Don Grose, USA (Rightmost) who is the 3rd disciple of Legendary Brucelee's Guru Great Grand Master IpMan. Don Grose was the US National Champion and the member of the US Wushu kung Fu Federation. Naresh krishnan's Daughter Shruthie (Center) is also a National Champion in Wushu and a 5th Degree Black-belt holder in Kungfu and She is also a MSC Yoga ( Masters degree holder, pursuing her fathers line of Martial-art training. I am also glad to be in the lineage of the Legendary Master Ipman. Currently I am running direct classes and Online training classes (for those outside kerala with regard to Covid-19, who are unable to reach me for a direct training session) for Animal forms in various styles like Tiger, Snake, praying-Mantis, Horse style, Dragon, Leapord, Monkey and Drunken styles, etc and personally doing research in the subject.

Being an Indian citizen, one should understand that many of the ancient wisdom has been transmitted from the Nalanda University in India, to China by the Lengandary traveller 'Hsuan-tsang', mentioned in Indian history, who has carried with him 600 scriptures in sanskrit, which was later on translated in to Chinese language. Also Indian Siddhars like kalanginathar had been in secluded caves of China for several thousands of years and his disciple Bhogar(Bo-yang) have also travelled three times to china and has taught and translated many texts in Tamil to Chinese. These wisdom has also spread to the Tibet, nepal, mangolia and Japan too. But the new generation youngsters of India forget the golden era of the wise siddhars, and wisdom of the past, which we owned once and is neglecting to safeguard or practice our tradition, heritage and culture. How did Karatae come from Japan to India? Because....they promoted it. How did Kung-fu or other arts like Taekwondo, etc come to India? Because....the Chinese or Malaysians promoted it. Now is our Kalaripayat, going to be promoted to all foreign countries, if we don't give more importance to our Martial-arts, and make our children learn it. I am not against any Martial-arts, but we have to safe-guard our martial-art culture too. So it is WE...who have to promote it, and no one else with take the necessary steps. We have to teach our kids or youngsters Kalaripayat and make them Masters who promote it. Let our Central Government, state governments and ruling parties too wake-up to take adequate measures to grant jobs for KALARI |GURUS in SAI (Sports Authority of India), police academies, Fire and rescue and Excise training departments of India. The New generation should awake and preserve our books which are the treasure of ancient wisdom and understand it and learn from it and never forget to protect and promote these rare literatures and our Martial-art, Kalaripayat from becoming extinct in our land. Later other countries will start providing Kalaripayat,yoga, treatment courses in universities like Exter in UK, or in Quebec, canada and the Indian parents will have to send their children abroad for a Degree or Masters-degree in Kalaripayat, Yoga, etc on payment of high fees. If you don't realize now and wake-up...., you will have to pay a huge price, and sleep until our traditional medicines are copyrighted or patented by the Foreign counter parts.

Mathew Gurukkal is still doing research on Traditional Martial-Arts, Traditional Medicine, Marma-chikitsa, Yoga, Water floating(Jala-veda) and will do it throughout life and dedicate it for the promotion, upliftment and preservation of the traditional ayurveda-siddha medicines and herbal plant studies, which is our heritage.

Wishing all readers of this site, Health, wealth and prosperity in life. God bless you .... - Yogi Kollam Mathews:Kalari Grand Master and Vaidhyan, Black-belt(Sihing :Kung-fu)

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