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What is the need for - Mixed Martial-Art forms?
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Bali Kalari Sangham
Siddha Marma Chikitsa Gurukulam
Temple of Martial-arts

Branch: Remya Bldg, 3rd Floor, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam, Kerala, India.
Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews Mobile:0091-9847553600
Affliated to Nehru Yuva Kendra, Govt of India. No.NYK/4915/669/2016.
POLICE PERMIT No.01/2017 issued under the Kerala Police Regulation of Physical Training Rules - 2000

for all students in India and abroad Adults(Ladies,Gents),Kids available for Kalaripayattu (short-stick, long staff,single knife
double knife, all weapons), marma-sastra(vital spots),Yoga, Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, Ju-jitsu, pencil drawing, colouring n painting
Mixed martial arts(MMA), spoken English, Spoken Hindi, Computer courses, Film Acting, Film Direction, Film-editing-
(Video audio editing), Shara sastra(Mysterious Science of breathing of Yogis-1 year course: pay monthly Rs.7000.
You can can control anything and everything and be the master of your destiny.
Secrets revealed now for serious learners...)
since Covid-19(Corona) is on increase day by day. No need travelling from long distance.
You can sit at your home and learn anything and everything with easy videos with explaining
detail audios. Contact in above Mobile number now for enquiry and joining.

Article about Mixed Martial-arts
by Grand-Master of Kalaripayat: Kollam Mathews

Let not anyone fool you with the term Mixed-Martial-arts. Read this completely for right understanding on Martial-arts. Now all over the world, if you visit the web, you will hear the term Mixed Martial Art - MMA, used by many Martial arts training centre’s, to attract students. Why should a Martial art Instructor go for mixing of Martial art, giving a cock-tail?. They go on borrowing little here and there from many martial arts, since they find their own Martial art weak and incomplete. If you look in to the History of Martial arts you can find that there are very few complete Martial arts like Kalaripayat, Adi-thada, Varma-adi, Varma-kalai, Silambam, Kung-Fu, Tai-chi and Ju-Jitsu, which are closely related to each other. All the rest of the martial arts are directly or indirectly the child of these Parent Martial-arts. Kalaripayat paved way for the emerging of Kung-Fu through its legendary Bodhidharma or Ta Mo, who taught the 18 exercises or movements, from which the shoaling boxing have developed. Later on ‘Ta Mo’ became the 28th Patriarch of Buddhism, at Shaolin Temple. Bodhidharma was the 3rd son of King Sugandha, an Indian King. He received his martial arts training from a Guru named Prajnatra.

Martial art novices are mislead by the term Mixed-Martial art as they assume the newly formed Mixed martial art is more powerful art than all the parental Martial-arts of the world, which is wrong. If anyone claim that MMA is more powerful, it is because the parent Martial art was Most powerful.

If you look in to the history, you can find that during the Internal chaos of china or the time of wars and the China-japan war many of the Masters from china migrated to Taiwan, Hong-kong and Japan and since the weapons were banned from being carried by the Martial-artists they devised new empty hand fighting techniques, which gave way for the Karate. If you study the details of Bu-bishi, you can understand that many of the so called Grandmasters of Karate in Japan had their Masters in China and they used to visit china frequently for advanced studies and also used to take with them lot of books on Martial art from china to Japan. Now Karate itself has given birth to hundreds of styles, and unknown newer names are on the increase as years roll by. Now since the Karate martial art has very few weapons like the Nan-chakku. Rarely in some styles they teach Tong-fa, Sai, the Bo or long staff. Hence due to the lack of knowledge of using weaponry, they have found it necessary to learn the details of other weaponry too from the parental Martial arts. I am not trying to degrade any Martial-arts or any organization as such. But I am stating the facts that if a Martial art gets degraded, it occurs in time by a chain of Masters who had their own reasons for the milder modification which they made, knowingly or unknowingly, and it has happened in time, through several span of centuries. When finally the new generation realize the loop-holes, bottle-necks or problems, of the newer styles, the original parental form is lost and then they do the reverse process to unify the art or to create a Universal Martial-art.

I have seen from my experience that many of the Black-belts visit the parental Martial-arts organization, and after attaining knowledge from these traditional centers, return back to their original styles where they have their Federation and demonstrate the new knowledge and are awarded the advanced degrees or Dan after a black-belt, by a panel of Judges. Then these people claim their arts to be invincible, and mislead the common public by false rumors that the parental art is not good. Also few learned masters collect the information of vital spots of human body and present it on the Global TV Networks with some computer graphics, video presentations, fighting speed assement , slow-motion technologies and so on with sound effects and act as if they are the pioneers of the Marma Sastra - Vital points of the human body, or the Martial-arts. So what we must do is that we must respect our own parental arts, which are traditionally rich in everything and give up running behind the more modern version of the emanated child arts. Even if we have found something new or have made new contributions in the Martial art field, it is a gift of God or only through the Grace of God and we cannot claim that the knowledge is solely ours. Well we are only intermediaries appointed for the transmission of knowledge from the omnipotent God to the merciful people, for the wellness of the world either be it fitness or Self-defense, when we are in this world. If we have the knowledge it must be guarded preciously and given only to the right hands, with right care after right thought for several times.

Also the Taichi masters of the ancient were rich in knowledge and they knew the secrets of the method of using various weapons and had sufficient knowledge in the vital spots - Marma, of human body and its treatments. Only a handful of Masters in the world know the real secrets of the art. But now a days the essence of this art is getting lost and people know Tai-chi only as a dance form with some breathing techniques as you see it as group of people demonstrating it in an open ground or parks. There are very few real Masters who know the harnessing the hidden or devastating power of the Chi with in one’s body . 'Chi' is known as 'Prana' in India, 'Ki' in Japan, 'Ruakh' in Hebrew and 'Pneuma' in Greek. Kung-fu has all the features of Kalaripayat, and it has all the dangerous Marma tactics, traditional treatment aspects and so on. But now there are lot of emerging kung-fu styles based on various animal forms which claim by itself to be more powerful than the other.

Ju-jitsu too had all these features and it had the dangerous Marma tactics, which were curtailed or cut-off by some of the forth coming teachers and the dangerous vital spot applications, weapon training and death locks etc were removed from it, to mould a new more simpler version or styles of the martial art known as the Judo. Due to its simplicity and sport form, it attracted both sex - male and female, in learning the art and it became popular and got approval in the Olympic games. Many of the new emerging styles of Martial arts are like the fashion designing new trends that emerge every decade and then die away. But a few list of the original parental arts which I have mentioned here will stay intact and it is not like the fashion trend that will die away soon or later. It is a part of the tradition or part of the life, packed with rich knowledge which will go on until the life of men exist in this world.

In this way many of the teachers of Martial-arts started cutting off many of the aspects and did lot of new additions to the existing arts using some of their own ideas. Thus the Martial arts degenerated in to less powerful ones. Now the current generation Martial art Instructors have recognized the weakness of their own martial arts, whatever be the name…they have started borrowing some locks from one art, some throws from other arts, few kicks from yet another art, some punching techniques , some weapon tactics, some Marma knowledge and so on from yet another martial art form, and they are adding it to their own incomplete martial art and claiming it to be the more powerful art of the world. As I have mentioned before the Parent martial arts like Kalaripayat, Kung-fu, Ju-jitsu & Tai-chi still remain intact with the richness in self-defence tactics, weaponry training, and vital spots - Marma, and its traditional treatment forms. So these mentioned martial-arts don’t have to borrow anything new, as it had already been systematically compiled, arranged, or incorporated in its completeness or perfection by the wisdom of the ancient Wise Masters, prophets, Rishis or Maharishi’s, and will go on with its robust traditions for many generations to come.

So beware - when you see an advertisement for “Mixed Martial Arts”. Think 10 times before you act. For example if you want to buy many products for your house-hold needs, you won't spend time, travelling to many shops scattered in different places.So the best option is to go to a super-bazar where all products are available under one roof. So kalaripayat Martial-art is such a Mega-super bazar where you can learn anything and everything, than joining many centers to attain the all-round perfection. Kalaripayat is the best MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) without any artificial mixing. Also you SAVE THE TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY running behind MANY MASTERS and at our center you will quickly and surely become a RENOWNED MASTER under the able guidance of the GRAND-MASTER OF KALARIPAYAT :: Kollam Mathews.

Branch: Mukkadayil House, Near L.P Govt.School, Panayam, Perinad, Kollam, Kerala, India.

Director:Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 7994461146 Asst:Inst (shelly):9207976836

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