Milestones of Bali kalari & Autobiography of Mathew Gurukkal(Web page designer), his Gurus, Foreign visitors, Foreign travels Autobiography of Mathew Gurukkal - Bali Kalari, East of Iron-bridge, Kollam, Kerala,S.India- Martial arts,self defence, Weapon training, VCDs,DVDs,Interactive, Marma-sastra & Marma-chikitsa DVDs, Yoga classes, Ayurvedic Body Massage, stage demos

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Bali Kalari Sangham
Siddha Marma Chikitsa Gurukulam
Temple of Martial-arts

H.O Iron-bridge, Kollam, Kerala, India (Temporarily closed)
Branch: 2nd Floor Remya Bldg, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam (Working 9am:6pm)

Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews Mobile:0091-9847553600
Affliated to Nehru Yuva Kendra, Govt of India. No.NYK/4915/669/2016.
POLICE PERMIT No.01/2017 issued under the Kerala Police Regulation of Physical Training Rules - 2000

Grand Master of Kalaripayat & Yogacharya: Mathew Gurukkal

for all students in India and abroad Adults(Ladies,Gents),Kids available for Kalaripayattu (short-stick, long staff,single knife
double knife, all weapons), marma-sastra(vital spots),Yoga, Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, Ju-jitsu, pencil drawing, colouring n painting
Mixed martial arts(MMA), spoken English, Spoken Hindi, Computer courses, Film Acting, Film Direction, Film-editing-
(Video audio editing), Shara sastra(Mysterious Science of breathing of Yogis-1 year course: pay monthly Rs.7000.
You can can control anything and everything and be the master of your destiny.
Secrets revealed now for serious learners...)
since Covid-19(Corona) is on increase day by day. No need travelling from long distance.
You can sit at your home and learn anything and everything with easy videos with explaining
detail audios. Contact in above Mobile number now for enquiry and joining.

Milestones of
Bali kalari Siddha Marma Chikitsa kendra, Remya Bldg, 3rd Floor, Kadavoor Temple, kollam, Kerala, South India.
& Autobiography of the Kalaripayattu Grand-Master - Mathew.P.C - Web Designer

Gurukkal: Mathew.P.C was Born in '1965' at 'Kozhencherry', Pathanamthitta district in 'Kerala' who, later on moved with his parents at the age of 1 and settled at 'Bhilai', Sector-6, Durg, in 'Madhyapradesh' and had his childhood studies there till 7th Std.
Later he returned to Kerala back in 1978 and continued his studies at I.J.H.S Tangasseri in Std-8 and passed I.C.S.E Exam from Infant Jesus School, Tangasseri. He did his pre-degree at S.N. College, Kollam and passed Degree -, at T.K.M college of Arts & science, Karikode, Kollam. He had a burning desire for Martial arts which was kindled in his heart at very young age and was taught by his father, Late Mr.M.D.Cherian, starting from the age of 7. From 1977 to 1987 when his father was at Bahrain in Gulf and was not near him for a period of 10 years to guide him in martial-arts, as a teenager his desire for Martial art made him search for other Gurus. Click on link below to know more about my Gurus.

Click here to see 'KALARI','YOGA' , 'SPIRITUAL GURUS' & Intimate friends of Mathew Gurukkal

Mathew Gurukkal with Prakasan Gurukkal - Sree Narayana Kalari Sangham, Kollam in 1984
Standing left is Podimon and in Middle A.K.Prakasan Guru and to his right Mathew Gurukkal and seated bottom from left are Sudhakaran, Remious, Jagadish and others.
S.N.Kalari colleagues with Mathew Gurukal & A.K.P

Group photo after Demo of Kalaripayat for Quack-86,
held at Lal-bahadur Stadium, Kollam in 1986

Seated in front with sword and shield are Daniel Gurukkal and Mathew Gurukkal with junior students whom he has taught in Red Uniform. The Uniforms were issued by Bali Kalari. On the leftmost seated is Prakashan Gurukkal.
Daniel & Mathew Gurukkal with A.K.P on quack-86

A procession through the Quilon city was held in 1986

Standing in front with sword and shield are Daniel Gurukkal and Mathew Gurukkal. The girl with the flag is A.K.Prakashans daughter and seen standing on the right is Prakashan Gurukkal.
Daniel & Mathew Gurukkal with A.K.P and his daughter

Few Students with Mathew Gurukkal at
'Bali Kalari Sangham',Quilon-1, Kerala in 1989


Few more group photos of students of the Bali Kalari H.O, Talukcutchery Jn, kollam in 1990

Shuhaid, Anish, Vinayan, Mujeeb with Mathew Gurukkal students Navin, premnath, sanuj, anish, shuhaid with MG

Group photos of students of Edapallycotta, chavara, kollam in 1998

Edapallycotta branch students Shaji,Manoj, Ajayan with MG students Mujeeb, Ajayan,Gopan,shaji,etc with MG

Still clips from the English VHS Movie 'ART-UNLOST' directed by Mathew Gurukkal in 1990
Also Mathew Gurukkal has directed his own movie called 'Art-Unlost' the story of which was written by him and in which the leading or Starring role was played by him with supporting-actors - his brothers, Cherian.P.C & Daniel.P.C . In it Cherian plays the character of Herick - brother of Hero, making a daring entry in to the midst of 4 attacking Villains with swords, in the so called remote, bushy, wrecked old building used by Villans - the shooting of which was done at kalyan, Mumbai.
students at Bahrain - Ahmed, khalifa and Mustafa
Parts of it were shot at Bahrain and 3 arabs one Ahmed, Khalifa and Mustafa and 2 Malayalees E.M.Baby of Chengannur and a Tamil person also acted in it. Some scenes like horse chasing were shot at Kodaikanal. The Film is based on an English Novel written by Mathew Gurukkal. The Film is complete and the Sound-dubbing process is going on and will be hopefully released on CD's- Compact disc.

Students who have undergone training in Kalaripayat & Yoga from Mathew Gurukkal during
the period Sept 2013 to Jan 2014 at Ras-Ruman, Bahrain

Kalaripayat Student Kalaripayat Student Undergone yoga  teachers training Yoga Student
Students in  Kalari training Ladies  practicing yoga at bahrain Gents  practicing yoga at bahrain
Students Leemon and Sajith Elias (Engineers working at Bahrain), have undergone 5months rigorous body training in kalaripayat martial arts. Mrs.Nisha have undergone Teachers Training in yoga and computers from Kollam Mathews. Also many ladies, nurse and gents have undergone training in yoga, computers, spoken English, etc at Ras-rumman, Bahrain.

Besides this, Gurukkal Mathew.P.C has released 3 vcds/Dvds on Kalaripayat with exercises, weapon tactics, locks, steps, etc and also have released an Interactive CD on Kalaripayat, 2 Dvds on Marma Sastra as well. Those interested in Martial-Arts can order for the VCD/DVD and Interactive CDs of the Kalaripayat by sending a Demand draft for the same in Mathew Gurukkals Name in his Address. Also Refer the prices of each VCD/DVD and Interactive CDs and Order by Email or Submit details through the link ORDER VCDs/DVDs in Mathew Gurukkal's website homepage... Order for Training videos from his website. He has also released a new DVD version on the topic MARMA SASTRA - Vital spot applications to 108 points of body - Vol:1 & Vol:2 and in the near future he will be releasing 'MARMA-CHIKITSA' DVD (Treatment on 108 points of body) - Vol:1 and Vol:2. This are very ..very rare CD any Gurus of kerala will never dare to reveal. It includes secrets hidden for many centuries now unleashed for the curious Martial-art lovers. Order in advance for the same. Donations are also welcome from Martial art enthusiasts and promoters of Art-forms.

Also Mathew Gurukkal has displayed almost 25 stage demonstrations in places in kerala like Quilon(now kollam), Alwaye, and personally conducted demonstrations at Trivandrum, Kalyan (near Bombay), Edappallycotta(in Quilon), and have taught students in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Arabs & philippinos in Bahrain, Gulf. Many of his students themselves are able to conduct Kalari Training in Quilon and Bombay.

Few Students with Mathew Gurukkal and his brother Cherian in Jan 1997 at
Beturkarpada,Khadakpada, Kalyan,Thane district, Maharashtra after a
Kalaripayat Demo for the Malayalee festival at Aiyappa Temple at 8pm.

Demonstration of Kalaripayat done by Bali kalari team,given below, held at Ashtamudi Resort
on the visit of Most Honourable Mr.Tipnes - Indian Air Force Marshall
at Ashtamudi Resorts on 11th Sept,1999 in Kollam, Kerala state, South-India.
Tippness shook hands with Mathew Gurukkal and appreciated his teams kalari performance

Traditional Indian Blacksmith creating the Urumi or Flexible sword,sword & shield
and other weapons Weapon in the Traditional way for Bali Kalari school in 1999


Photography taken at the time of visit of the Andhra Bank Managing Director
- Mr.Batti Vikramarka Mallu, wife and kid from Hyderabad,Andhra-Pradesh, seated
at Mathew Gurukkal's right. The Guest was send to our kalari on behalf of the District Collector,
Mr.Kamal Vardhana Rao on 1st October 1999. Seated at Mathew Gurukkal's left is his Collegemate Najeeb - S.I in Kerala Police

Students Trained in kalaripayat by Mathew Gurukkal at Kodaikanal, 7300 feet above Sea-level on June 15th 2001

STUDENTS of KCC - Kodaikanal christian college
Mathew Gurukkal has taught 6 students who were studiying for 1st year HMCS - Hotel Management and Catering Service course at Kodaikanal Christian College - K.C.C and Kodaikanal Christian School, Tamilnadu. All support to develope and promote the art at the College campus and school was extended to him with the help of the Chairman of Kodaikanal Christan College (Mr.Sam Abraham) and the Director of Paradise Hill resort (Mr.Sajit). Mathew Gurukkal had been to kodaikanal with his wife Milly and 2 kids Chinnu(P.M.Princy) & Chinju(P.M.Shelly) for 1 and a half month teaching the BCA students. He was also in charge of the Boys Hostel of K.C.C as Hostel Warden, having a strength of 200 Hostel students. The climate in kodaikanal was extremely cold and harsh during Oct-Feb. The Kollam branch of Kalaripayat classes were taken care of by 2 Senior most students A.R.Shaji and Mujeeb Rahman during Mathew Gurukkal's absence in kerala. When he was at Bahrain for 2 years, Mathew Gurukkal's kollam H.O was taken care by a devouted disciple Navin kumar.

Two German ladies visited Bali Kalari in March 2003
Two German ladies with Gurukkal, daughter princy and Student Vinayan

A half hour kalari demonstration was done for various kalaripayat weapons like stick, sword & shield, and fire techniques were displayed by few students. They took photographs of the demo and weapons & presented few coins of Germany to Mathew Gurukkal.

Students who have undergone Training in Marma-sastra(Vital points) of human body
Student Name Image Native Place Working Normal OR Fast-Track period of study
Navin KumarNavin kumar image Thevally,KollamKollamNormal-track 1year Mar-2004
Shinu ThomasShinu image KottarakkaraDubaiFast-track 7daysNov-2009
Arun PrasadArunprasad Sooranad,KollamSooranadNormal-track 1year 2010-2011
Ajesh AntonyAjesh image KattapanaDubaiFast-track 10days Jan-2010
3 kalari Teachers Rajesh, Rajan & Babu No face imageLokanar kavu, Badakara,Kerala Badakara Fast-Track: 2days 2011
Abner vargheseAbner image Muvatupuzha, KeralaStudying at Delhi Fast-track 5days 30th Aug 2014

Kalaripayat Demonstration was done on 3rd Jan 2010 by our team for the 3K-Girls NCC camp, held at
S.N.College (boys) at Kollam. In the midst along with Mathew Gurukkal is Col.Bhaskaran (Commanding officer).
Mathew Gurukkal's daughter Princy and son Shelly also participated in the demo.

Kalari Demo photo done for NCC

Mathew Gurukkal shaking hands with Col.Bhaskaran(Commanding officer)
Col.Bhaskaran & Mathew Gurukkal

A Proof of Certificate given by N.C.C - Col.Bhaskaran
for demo conducting by our team, at S.N.College(boys), Kollam

NCC-demo certif

A scene from the demo Sword & shield fight by Pramod Gurukkal(Mathew Gurukkal's disciple, Aramula)
and Binu(disciple, kollam)

Sword&shield fight
Bali Kalari's new branch started at Karunagapally on 16th May 2010, followed by a demonstration
conducted by Mathew Gurukkal's students. The occasion was Inagurated by Sub-Inspector M.Anil Kumar,
Karunagapally police station and various other guests like Shri Gopakumar(Social worker)and ward-member
of karunagapally division, Mr. Mohan-Das also attended the function.

Karunagapally Branch inaguration and demo group Talk by politician Mr.Gopakumar-standing
Mathew Gurukkal had been in the Martial-art field for more than 35 years in 2012. He had been teaching in 3 centres in Quilon itself, including the Head-office at his own residential plot near Iron-bridge, named as Bali Kalari Sangham. Many of his students are doing service in Central Reserve Police camp(CRPF), kollam.
In June 1999, he started a new branch of 'Bali Kalari Sangham' at Edappallycotta,Chavara,Quilon which went on smoothly for about 3 years. He also opened other branches at Karottu Mukku, Karunagapally, Kollam to spread this traditional Martial-Art despite many financial & political & legal difficulties. But due to lack of students with devotion or dedication for the Kalaripayat Martial art, and not being able to make both ends meet, he had to close the two branches. people are gravitated to other martial-art like karate or kungfu, not knowing its source of origin. Both originated from India. How did these arts or any other martial-art come to our land? Because .... the Japanese or the Chinese promoted our art well internationally. They did their duty well. But are we Indians doing our duty to promote our Kalaripayat, Silambam, varma-ati, adi-thada, etc to other countries. If we are not promoting our arts and taking much interest in promoting other martial-arts, who is going to take the resposibility of our arts becoming extinct. Is it someone else....No!!...I hope one does feel ashamed, to stating himself or herself as an Indian, keralite or a tamilian, before outsiders. If a foreigner asks you "Which art of your's do you know?". You will have no answer....Perhaps you might say you know break-dance, or rock-n-roll, hip-hop, pop-songs, guitar, western music, karate, kungfu and so on. But very few may say that he or she knows any one of these like bharathanatyam, kuchipudi, Eastern Classical music, tabala, veena, sitar, sarang, saroj, or martial-arts like kalaripayat, silambam, etc.We call ourselves Hindustani(Indians)...but we don't know Hindi fluently or cannot understand it. We are proud to showing in public that we know English. We don't have to avoid other arts....but just realize the importance of what we have in hand in our mother-land, than beating about the bush. First try to learn what we have to the maximum before blaming our art-forms and going for something else stating lame excuses.

Demonstration done by our team at Cambay Palmlagoon Resort, at Vellimon Kundra on December 2010
Vellimon, Kundra Resort demo team image

A Team of Mathew Gurukkal student came from Aramula Branch with pramod Gurukkal and two others and along with them from kollam branch was Mathew Gurukkal,his daughter princy,son shelly,two students Jiju and Ameen. The demo was a grand success which was conducted with good lighting, sound systems,and background music on the lake side of the resort on a spacious stage.

A Foreign visitor, Gille from France, visited the H.O of Bali Kalari Siddha Marma chikitsa kendra,Iron-bridge,Kollam-1
on Monday, 10th Oct 2011, and a 1/2 hour Demo was conducted for him between 8.30am-9am

Mathew gurukal & tourist France Gille,France n disciple ameen Gille,France & disciple ameen

A half hour kalari demonstration was done for Gille, from France who visited our kalari, and a fixed amount was charged for the same. A five member team of Mathew Gurukkal,Ameen, Arun, gurukals daughter(princy) and (son) shelly displayed various sword fight, stick, sword & shield, and Mathew Gurukkal demonstrated the verumkai tactics & marma techniques against real sharp knife.
Gille was a black-belt in Taekwon-do martial art and had knowledge in Judo, Ju-jitsu and Fencing. He shared his knowledge and acquires the method of weilding a sword & shield with disciple Ameen.
Mohammed Ameen had undergone 3 years training on body, stick and weapon tactics only in a short span of 1 year. Since he did not complete the Marma & Marma-chikitsa part, no certificate has been granted to Mohammed Ameen for teaching kalaripayat.

Dr.Swaminathan (practitioner of Siddha medicine) at SriRangam, Trichy was taught
Marma-chikitsa (Bone-setting techniques), by Mathew Gurukkal on 18th Nov, 2011

Mathew Gurukkal gave him one day training on correcting the dislocation of skeletal-joints at his shop in Trichy
Dr.Swaminathan (siddha practitioner) Siddha shop at SriRangam Shop interior

Triveni from chathanoor, kollam currently undergoing training from Mathew Gurukkal in Kalaripayat (body/stick/weapons), yoga, Spoken English and Hindi from 31st Jan 2012
She is a disciple of Mathew Gurukkal, who is keen on learning many things with great ambition at the age of 21years, hoping to become an expert Martial-artist in future.
Mathew gurukal & Triveni Triveni with knife

A Group of Korean Girls visited Bali Kalari on 28th Jan 2012
Seen in the Image is Mathew Gurukkal seated with a group of Korean Girls. They visited Baali kalari Sangham, and had an Introduction of Kalaripayat Martial-arts, and ate Kerala style dishes as a hospitality from Mathew Gurukkal
Mathew gurukal & Korean girls

Two Chinese girls visited Bali kalari on 12th Feb 2012
Hwang Jun Jing and Lzwen Ying(lee) from China visited Bali kalari and received training in kalaripayat archery and weapons like sword & shield. They intend to learn in more detail about kalaripayat in their next visit to Kollam, Kerala
Mathew gurukal & hwang Mathew Gurukkal n lee
Hwang in archery lee with sword n shield

Five students who have undergone training in kalaripayat and swimming at Balikalari - Feb 2012
From left Vishnu, Mithun, Anoop, Mathew Gurukkal, Arun and Sunil
Mathew gurukal & students

Stunt-direction done by Mathew Gurukkal for some fight-scenes for the Film "Chilambolikattu",
Directed by "KrishnaRaj" at Bharananganam, Oshana mound, Pala on 30th April 2012

The Cameraman for the film was "Rajeev Mankombu" and the Artist who worked in it was "Manav" (standing with Gurukkal). Shown below is the banner of the Film.

Film Director Film Banner Artist Manav and me homam scene

Students or Instructors from other Martial-arts discipline, having undergone Kalaripayat body,stick,weapons training at Bali Kalari
Name Image Native Place Grade & Martial-art Type Training imparted in period of study
Wilsonwilson Sankaramangalam,Kollam1st Dan karate BlackNanchakku Training 2002
Antony John FernandesNo face Mumbai, MaharastraShitoRyu Karate black,kickboxing
4th Dan
10day Body & stick 2006
Shajahanshajahan image kavanad,KollamShorinRyu Karate 1stDan 1year body training Jan 2006
Vijaykumarvijaykumar image Karunagapally,kollamGreen belt-Shotokan karate2mth Body training Oct-2006
Rajan.P Rajan image Sasthamcotta,Kollam 5th Dan karate black 1 week-body training Oct 2009
Jayaprakash.Sprakash image Ochira6th Dan ShorinRyu black-belt
Body & stickNov-2009
BinuBinu image karunagapally,KollamKungFu Brown-belt 3year body,stick,weapon May 2010
S.K.Chouhansathya kungfu image Raipur,North IndiaKungFu & karate 3 & half mth body,stick Aug 2012
Praveen A.Spraveen karatae image Oyur, kollam, KeralaJapan Shotokan Karatae - Green + blue grade Kalari Meitari done in Fast-Track August 2017
Chrispin Stanlychrispin image Mayanad, kollam, KeralaZed Budokan karatae - Green + purple grade Kalari Meitari or Body training Oct 2017
Elvis Steveelvis karate image Ramankulangara, kollam, KeralaShito Ryu karatae - Green grade Kalari Meitari or Body training Oct 2017

Jala Yoga (Water Yoga) demo done with regard to the Boat-Race held at Kayamkulam
conducted by Alleppy DTPC on 25th Aug,2012

Waterfloating in kayamkulam lake Mathew & Shelly Waterfloating in kayamkulam lake Mathew & Shelly
A 15 min programme was held at Kayamkulam Lake by Mathew Gurukkal and his son Shelly.P.M, on the occasion of the Onam Boat-race, which was conducted by the DTPC (District Tourism Promotion Council), Alleppy. The Programme was inagurated by honourable MLA Mr.Sadasivan and was attended by various ministers of Kerala like Ramesh chennithala and others. Snake-boat Races & Dragon-boat races were conducted on the occasion and Ever-rolling Trophies given for the same.

Mathew Gurukkal with his son Shelly & MLA Sadasivan
Also few scenes from the Boat Race held at Kayamkulam with the Trophies
MLA Sadasivan standing with Mathew Gurukkal & Shelly Ministers Ramesh chennithala, Sadasivan and others Boat race held at kayamkulam Boat race Trophies
Also a certificate for Jala-Yoga was granted by Alleppy DTPC secretary Mr.C.Pradeep, displayed below
Jala Yoga Cert of DTPC Alleppy
DTPC Secretary C.Pradeep

Muhammed C.P, from Mattanoor, Keecheri, onangalode at Kannur Dist,
attained a Certificate as Kalari Gurukkal on 13th June, 2015
from Mathew Gurukkal of Bali kalari Sangham

Muhammed C.P has undergone advanced Fast-track training from Mathew Gurukkal and has attended the online test for qualification as a GurukkaL. The certificate as Gurukkal is been awarded by kollam Mathews Gurukkal, who has a tradition of training in Kalaripayat, yoga, and traditional marma-chikitsa treatments for past 35 years at the H.O of Bali kalari,kollam. Muhammed C.P, is hereby permitted to promote the Kalaripayat Martial-arts.

Muhammed of kannur and kollam Mathew Gurukkal Muhammed of kannur and kollam Mathew Gurukkal Muhammed of kannur and kollam Mathew Gurukkal muhammed and chinju swordfight

Nirupender singh from Chandigarh, punjab visited Bali kalari in January 2016 for Training

Nirupender Singh with sword and shield Nirupender in vrikshasan
Nirupender Singh had training at Bali kalari & has undergone Fast-track training from Mathew Gurukkal in body techniques, Stick and weapon training, especially some priliminary basics of sword and shield only. Also Rana purchased 2 kalaripayat vcds vol-1 & vol-2 along with Autobiography book and kalari uniforms.

Certificate in Traditional Ayurveda and Marma-Chikitsa
was granted to student Riyazudeen from Karunagapally,Kollam on October 2016 and
Hari krishnanfrom Velinalloor, kollam on Nov 2017

Mathew Guru n Riyaz Mathew Guru n Hari Image - marma chikitsa

Mathew Gurukkal with his student Riyazudeen of karunagapally who has completed the 3 months Fast-Track Course of Ayurveda Traditional Treatment, Marma-chikitsa, Bone-setting, Adangal or revival techniques, Herbal plant studies, Body Massage and Medicine preparations, etc successfully and has attained the Certificate in October 2016. Yet another student Hari krishnan from Vellinalloor, kollam has also attended a Fast-track course of 1 month of the same above mentioned course.

Kalaripayat Demo At Raviz Resorts, Thevally, Kollam. Bali kalari Team with Foreigners and North Indians

Bali kalari Demo at Raviz

Mathew Gurukkal standing in center with a Group of Foreigners and few North Indians and his students seated in front, posing for a photo, after a half-hour demonstration of kalaripayat, held at Raviz Resorts on 14th Novemeber 2016.

Shri.Mathew Gurukkal was honoured by Shri.Udaya Karumaliyil Sukumaran On 15th Jan 2017 with Ponnada
for his 30 years of Service in the field of Kalaripayat, Yoga & Traditional Treatments.

Honoured with ponnada Mathew Guru with Shri.BaluRaghavan

Shri.Mathew Gurukkal was honoured with ponnada (Golden embroidery shawl), for his 30 years of dedicated social service in the field of Kalaripayat (Martial-arts) training, Yoga training, treatments in Ayurveda & siddha field, publishing of Autobiography book, Jalaveda book, Locks book, release of 10 martial-arts vcds/dvds, by Shmt.Karumaliyil Sukumaran on 15th January 2017 at Sarada Nivas, residence of Shri.Balu Raghavan, (Ex. MLA candidate cum Ex. Counsellor), at Tirumullavaram at 6pm, in the presence of distinguished guests like Shri.karumaliyil sukumarans Sister, and others. Images shown above is Mathew Gurukkal with Shmt.Udaya Karumaliyil sukumaran and Shri.Balu Raghavan.

Mathew Guru honoured with shield

Later on 13th February, 2017 Shri.Mathew Gurukkal was awarded a shield for his extensive research in Martial-arts field of Kalaripayat by the Administrator Shri.Gopalakrishna Pillai of Sainikethan, Tirumullavaram. (A group of Sathya Sai Trusts). The shield was sponsored by Shri. Balu Raghavan. Other distinguished guest like Advocate.Vazhinjam Ramachandran also were present on the occasion.

State Yoga championship was conducted at Hockey stadium, Kollam on March 1st, 2017.

Yoga poster Yoga demo by students

Mathew Gurukkal standing with Dr.Rajeev (State Yoga Association Secretary) at his left, a resident of kannur, having discussion about future plans of Yoga and kalaripayat Martial-art. Dr.Rajeev's own kalaripayat center was inaguarated on March 5th,2017 at kannur.
Mathew Guru with Dr.Rajeev

The event was inagurated by Sports minister Shri.A.K.Moydeen and other distinguished guest and members of State Yoga Association were present on the occasion. The yoga championship was conducted at Hockey stadium, kollam on 1st and 2nd of March 2017 for 2days.
Sports minister Moydeen

Special Self-defence training given for a Lady from Dubai(UAE) at Baali Kalari Sangham, in Fast-Track during 16th-22nd March, 2017.

Lady trained in Martial-arts Lady trained in Martial-arts
Mathew Gurukkal standing with Dr.Daliya, from Dubai(UAE) a resident of kollam, who had undergone special Fast-Track training in kalaripayat self-defence,Locks,Counter-Locks.grappling techniques and throws,etc.

Rajwinder Singh from California, USA a resident of Punjab visited balikalari on 5th Feb,2018
to learn kalaripayat,yoga, and do treatments.

Rajwinder singh from california, usa
Rajwinder standing with Mathew Gurukkal, son shelly(standing left most), students Akhil,Chrispin, and praveen after the kalaripayat demo. Raj had yoga sessions, and underwent treatment for bow legs deformity in his bones of thighs and lower legs. For its rectification special oils made out of rare herbs, minerals, and secret ingredients from Tamilnadu are used. He will be undergoing 6 months rigorous miraculous treatments to straighten his leg bones.

Lady named Catherine and her husband from France visited bali kalari on 12th Feb, 2018.

Lady trained in stick fighting from france with her hus,guru and students
A lady Mrs.Catherine with her husband, visited bali kalari sangham for seeing demonstration of kalaripayattu of 1 hour duration, under our hospitality. She was trained previously in some stick fights 10 years back, in france. After the demo they posed to take some snaps with many weapons, and took group photos with kalari team.

Akhil was Awarded Best student Award on 23rd August 2019.

Best student award 2019 touch feet Best student award 2019 Best student award 2019
Akhil kick ball Akhil kicking ball
Akhil a Kalaripayat student and a resident of Mulamkadakam, Kollam was bestowed with this award for his service mindedness for the development of Bali Kalari center and also for his devouted dedication in Kalaripayat practice. Present on the occasion were Shelly, Mathew Gurukkal, Akhil, and Joy. Akhil is also been made the Admin of Bali Kalari Whatsapp Group and the Manager of our Center. Mathew Guru wishes him all the best for his fututure endeavours. He will give more focus in to the marketing aspects of online computer training, spoken English and Hindi courses, with regard to the Covid-19 situation in Kerala. He is also the assistant trainer of Bali kalari Sangham along with Gurus son Shelly.P.M. Also shown is Akhil practicing kicking of ball at 8feet height which is a speciality of Kalari. By practice upto a 10feet kicking can be executed by a kalari practitioner.

Pramod Gurukkal from Aranmula visits Bali kalari on 26th Jan 2020

Pramod visit Bali kalari Pramod Gurukkal and Mathew Gurukkal
Pramod Gurukkal from Aranmula Kalari visit Mathew Gurukkal, who is a disciple of Mathews. Many kalari steps, locking techniques, stick straining and mysterious spititual sciences were imparted to him.

Anu and Prashant from Balaramapuram students of Bali kalari do pre-demo practice on 3rd March 2020 for
Keralal kalaripayat Association Championship meet at Lal Bahadur Stadium, Kollam

Anu n prashant visit Bali kalari Anu prashant and Mathew Gurukkal
Anu and prashant of Balaramapuram, disciples of Bali kalari preparing for the demonstration to be held on behalf of Kerala Kalaripayat Association. Our team was invited by Joy Gurukkal of punalur and Poonthura Soman(President of Kerala Kalaripayat Association). Though our team were present on the occasion, due to many championship competition of Kalaripayat students from various places, and due to lack of time, unfortunately the demo could not be conducted that day. But lot of practice, dedication and effort from the students,Mathew Gurukkals and his son Shelly were put into with severe tough training that went behind the curtains for the event of demo to make it happen.

Alex from UK started attending Kalaripayat Online training from 23rd Feb 2021 onwards

Alex UK
Alex enrolled for an Online class for Kalaripayat(Martial-art), with regard to Covid-19 or Corona and we used to send almost 10 video clips with instructing Audio, every month, describing the exercise, dodges, locks, steps, etc. He is interested in future to learn weapon training and Marma-sastra (Vital spots of human body) as well. He might be planning to come for direct training next year in 2022. Until then the online training by sending videos through whatsapp or Telegram will be continued.

Click 2 see images of Mathew Gurukkal's Srilankan visit to teach Marma Sastra to two students

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