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Kalarippayat - Martial-Art classes, Yoga classes, Ayurvedic body Herbal oil Massage, Treatments for all ailments, Kalari-vcd/dvds/interactive, Marma-sastra Dvds, Marma-chikitsa training.... Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews.... (Mobile phone:0091-9847553600) Site hosting date: 29th Dec 1997 - constantly updated site

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Click 2C Mathew Gurukkal's water floating video on www.youtube.com

Few Reasons - Why you should learn Kalaripayat at our centre?

1. You get a Certified course after completion of the 7yrs training, Read More

2. Learn from an Internationally eminent and recognized Guru. Read More

3.He has taught students and conducted demonstrations with in India at Bombay,
Kodaikanal & Delhi and abroad Read More

4. Learn from an experienced master with fluent communication skills in English,
Hindi and Malayalam language. Read More

5. A majority of the masters are illiterate and
not having enough skill to explain
things scientifically. Read More

6. Learn your martial-art from an All-rounder Guru.
Read More

7. Mathew Gurukkal has produced and directed by himself three volumes of
VCD/DVD's on Kalaripayat, which no other Gurukkal in kerala
has done till now, and he has recently produced a combined Interative CD
of the above three vcds. Read More

8. To add to this very recently he has directed
2 set of DVDs on
Varma-shastra (Science of Vital spot) Read More

9.He has disciples in Martial-art both in India and abroad.
Here at Bali Kalari he has blended both Kalaripayat and yoga
with its breathing techniques & meditation,to produced a new method or
form known as Pranic-Kalari Read More

10. Regular practitioner of Kalaripayat Martial-art generates more mental focus
compared to Average person who does not learn it. Kalripayat helps in more
perfect, quality-work with high-production output Read More

11.He grooms his students in such a way to be the best in the Martial-arts
field trained with modern practicing equipments,
as per world standards
when it comes to Reflex,
Speed, richness in techniques or knowledge, patience, endurance,
Offence for escape or saving life in critical situationss (aakraman/prahaar) or Defence etc. Read More

12.Bali kalari, helps in Producing the best Sports-Men/Sports-Women, Police officials,
Navy officials, priliminary commando fitness training, Railway police tests,
Fitness training for army or military, etc for men or women, Read More

13.In Bali kalari, Grand Master: Mathew Gurukkal has developed a form of
'Water-self-defence-Yoga' which can be of great help in defending oneself
while being in water, known as 'Jala Atma-Reksha Yoga'. Read More

14..Above all you can make a career in your home country as
a teacher of Martial-arts and promote Martial-art and
attain self-respect and
dignity from your disciples Read More

More details about Mathew Gurukkal which came in the kerala daily newspapers & his Gurus can be seen in the URL given below:

Milestones in Bali Kalari History

Just IMMAGINE you have to pass through a solitary road in the dark and you have a bag or wallet full of real cash or precious ornaments, and you have to reach your destination very urgently and safely. But....on the way you are stopped by a couple of robbers with knives and short-stick, who ask you to hand-over the valuables and you don't know how to protect your valuables or yourself... you will be in a desperate situation. They will rob you, perhaps stab you or hit you on the head, injuring you, leaving you to bleed profusely on the dark street, unnoticed by anyone to assist you to take you to the nearest hospital. You grieve at heart as all your savings are lost! You might think you should have learned some tips or tricks in advance, to outcome the THUGS or ROBBERS...but now you were too late. This is where the importance of learning Self-defence comes....

This is one true incident which occured at Kollam, in Kerala, India, when a married lady with two kids came to Mathew Gurukkal to learn self-defence, when a robber had broke in through the tiled roof of her home at Midnight, and she and her kids were alone at home. Her husband was away at Banglore in India for some business tour. She did not know any Self-defence tactics...and on the contrary...she was so terrifically panicked that she could not scream at all... to ask help from her neighbours. All the valuables in her house were lost. Finally after this incident she was wise to join for a training in Kalaripayat under Mathew Gurukkal. Would you want yourself to be in such a desperate situation?.....
Ofcourse..NOT! You haven't encountered such a situation...doesn't mean you are safe. You could be the next victim......

So what are you waiting for.........?

Take a decision now and

Order for Kalaripayat stick/weapon/vitalspot courses
right now.......before its too late and you repent for it later..
You choose the duration of your KALARIPAYAT course.

Click for Ordering VCDs/DVDs/Interactive/Marma-sastra Dvds

or to know more details of courses.


It has cost Mathew Gurukkal lot of money and time & research of several years to develop these VCDs or DVDs. The MARMA-SASTRA DVD reveals in detail where the Vital-spots in body are and how to apply on the spots effectively and fast, what all hand-forms or weapons you can use agai nst an opponent etc.
In the DVD all the mysteries which had been jealously guarded by many Gurus have been unleashed. These methods of deadly application on death points have been kept a secret for many centuries....,

Now just Click for Ordering VCD/DVD/Interactive/Marma Sastra Dvds

You can know more details of it and get it by courier in 2 Weeks time and learn it at your home itself.
It's so user-friendly, that any layman can understand it. Very clear Narration or explanation is given in
detail for right understanding. Last but not the least...
if you can't come to our centre for training in Kalaripayat...

ONLINE TEST of 1hour via Internet from your home
and you can attain a
and start your own Martial-art training centre fast.

You can save on To & Fro Flight charges and even save the time taken to travel all the way to INDIA to learn this. If you don't grab this chance .... Some one else may pick-up the opportunity
and you will be left out from attaining
the best training from a highly experienced master,
offered at a Moderate price.
A Winner Never Quits...and a Quitter never wins....
Be a winner and take your decision willingly.
Now a Special offer on the two Marma-Sastra DVDs...and Advanced Yoga course....
Rush in to become the first 25 elite experts
getting the rare opportunity to order for the very rare DVDs......
you get a printed booklet on Marma-sastra along with the two Dvds. Orders are pouring in from countries like
US, England, Switzerland, Dubai and India, and after all
Mathew Gurukkaldon't want to reveal this secret to everyone and may stop selling the Dvds at anytime...
So hurry and make your order now itself...and get the Marma-sastra book Free with the 2 Dvds
before the offer is withdrawn.......

To know more about YOGA and its importance
Click here now.

Did you know the Indian Kalarippayat has contributed to the growth of many Martial-arts

Kalaripayat is the Ancient Art having a tradition 5000 years old and its is the Mother Martial-Art of many Arts and in south Kerala ie, Tamilnadu it is known as Adi thada, Varma adi, Varma Kalai, or Adi Murai. You are given many free tips on Martial arts or the fighting arts of kerala, India. Varma adi or Adi mura is the self defence technique used for attacking the vital spots. Adi means hit and mura means the technique of applying the hit. Where as Adi thada is the different name used for the former and here Adi means the attack or hit and thada is the block or defence. Read More

A detailed course on Yoga with
Training on Breathing Miracle &

Yoga healing
through Yogasanas are taught with various breathing techniques or pranayamas, most advanced mudras, meditation techniques or dhyanas, etc.

Beside our centre is keen on providing stunt directions for Action movies and Mathew Gurukkalwould like being occupied as an action director or doing Action direction. Already Gurukkal Mathew has directed up to 10 different varieties of CDs,VCDs(Volumes 1,2 and 3 and 3rd Volume of VCD/DVD is the most advanced one), DVDs of the same, Interactive Cds(3 vols combined), Marma-sastra Dvds(2 vols) etc on kalaripayattu.These VCDs or DVDs have already been sold worldwide in many countries. You can order for the Kalari Cds or Vcds in Mathew Gurukkal's email-ID or order through the site.

The most trust worthy student is taught names of more than 200 names (Botanical/Malayalam/ Tamil/Hindi) of Indian Herbal plants with its application in Ayurvedic or Siddha medicines, body massage techniques (panchakarma theraphy) or traditional physiotheraphy, preparation of Herbal oils(Enna or kuzhambu), etc.
As per Ayurveda scriptures there are 6000 herbal plants and as per Unani medicines there are 6500 Herbal plants or Herbs and as per Siddha medicine there are 7000 Herbal plants mentioned in the scriptures. Many of the Herbal plant are now unidentifiable and the number that can be identified is decreasing every generation due to lack of knowledgable Gurus. Siddha vaidhyam or siddha treatment was formed by the Dravidian ancient Yogis of Tamilnadu & it has more powerful and permanent cures for many disease like Diabetis, Cancer, Asthma, Ulcer, piles,Brain blood clotting, all Nervous or neural disorders(complaints), Autisam(autistic disorder or Aspergers syndrome), lunacy,leprosy,T.B, etc. In this modern age Siddha treatments are now on the rise as people have understood the powerful curative aspects. By using Ayurveda medicines one has to keep on taking medicine for a particular disease through out his life. Where as by 'Siddha vaidhyam'or Siddha chikitsa(treatment) one can permenantly cure any old incurable diseases in the shortest period of time than any branch of medicine. There are many wrong notions that siddha medicines have side effects or causes kidney problems or are dangerous, but these false rumours are spread by the so called allopathic counter parts and ayurvedic treating counter-parts against traditionally or holistic treating vaidhyans (doctors) to boost their on products. Mathew Gurukkal has effectively treated kidney patients with Ashmari(renal stones) using siddha bhasmas, and it has totally melted away in 3days time, giving 100% positive results. Few practitioners can cheat his patients for sometime but not forever. Now the patients are getting more aware of the Holistic treatments like Yoga, and knows the advantage of Ayurveda and the miraclaculous healing of Siddha medicines. Kalaripayattu, Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha, Massage, Panchakarma treatments & Marma Chikitsa. These are all interconnected with one another & each one of them is an occean in itself, left for you to explore, if you are keen about them.
Best of Luck.
Kalaripayat Grand Master & Yogacharya
Mathew Gurukkal

Share or Send Mathew Gurukkal's email-ID & Website to two of your friends
who are martial-art lovers, and encourage them to join for a course or buy cds...
you can claim for a Free KALARIPAYAT VOLUME-1 Vcd or Dvd
containing locks, dodges, stick and weapon training ...The cds will reach you in
10 days time by courier.Also send your contact phone nos & detailed address.
ContactMathew Gurukkal by mail to get Free tips on "How to become a great Martial arts Master?".

You will get 2 free tips every month for 6 months.

Wanted: We need a lady computer operator cum secretary, with pleasing looks, good typing speed in English, with minimal errors for the Director or Gurukkal of Bali Kalari.Computer know how and having an interest or willingness to travel for business tour or learn or attain a FREE training on yoga, physio-therapy or body-massage, kalaripayat, or computers, will be given more priority. Divorced or separated ladies, without kids or any incumbrances, age between 30-42 years can apply for the same. Also one intending to stay at the office or residence of Bali kalari and willing to work on full-time basis with the Director shall be given more preference. The ideal or Selected candidates shall be on a probation period of 3 mths, taken as a Personal secretary trainee with Free accomodation and Food allowance plus some perks as agreed after personal interview.Those interested contact in the address or mobile no of Director given below. One who completes the probation period and the training successfully shall be given a deserving salary.

To know more details about 'Kalarippayat',giving your valuable suggestions,
receiving Kalarippayat training or for assistance in creating (Web pages)
of any topics of your idea which was perhaps one of your dreams,
please write to Mathew Gurukkalwith proofs or proper documents,data
, etc attached along or ring Mathew Gurukkalup.
Event management groups or team, who can sponsor stage demos of
Kalari in foreign countries may also contact us.
Foreigners who are interested in learning the Secret Martial Art
are also Welcome. People who can sponsor programs of Kalarippayat
on Doordarshan or cable-TV or other popular TV-Networks, may also contact
our address given below. We also provide Stunt choreography for
Action Movies or provide stunt directions for
TV Serials and Films.You can order for our kalaripayattu
VCDS, DVDS of Volume-1,2,3 ,Interactive cds of all 3 vols combined, Marma Sastra Dvds
or Marma chikitsa DVDs or Video movies or Interactive Cds, as well.

NOTE: The Author(Mathew.P.C) has the sole copyright(s) under the Copyrights Act. The Author has right to modify the contents and conditions of offer for its clients in this site at any time with out any preliminary notice to its users. The Author is not liable for any physical injuries or mishaps or loss of any kind occuring due to wrong practice or training done by anyone with out the guidance of a proper guru or proper training.
You can distribute the 'Website address' to your kith & kins. If you are a keen martial-art lover & an art promoter who wish to make any contributions or charity in cash or kind or donations you are welcome to do it for the development of the Kalari/School, or for making of VCD/DVDs or producing Martial art Cartoon movies etc to promote the art, we can help you on the subject expertise of stunt directions, etc. You can uplift the Old Indian Traditions which is becoming extinct or to keep the Traditional Martial-Art alive for the future generations. Your charity will make it possible for Mathew Gurukkal to do many research in this martial-art field and to supply Free medicines (ayurvedic or siddha) for the poor needy or old aged people who cannot afford for the expensive treatments.

Email: balikalari@playful.com, balikalari@gmail.com, kollammathew@yahoo.co.inMobile No.: 0091-9847553600
Other sites: http://kalaripat.tripod.com, http://balikalari.tripod.com, http://balikalari.noads.biz

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