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Since kalaripayat has an old tradition,some have the wrong notion that it is not fit for the modern-age, which is not true. Always kalaripayat has all the qualities in itself designed by the most wise Acharyas or Gurus of the past and is always keeping its pace to meet the latest challenges of the modern age, with the most qualified, well-learned modern Gurus.

Agasthya Muni is believed to be the Founder of Thekkan or southern style(Sambradayam) of Kalaripayat. Agasthyars Marma shastram as it is known in Malayalam (science of Vital spot) explains all the 108 point of Vital points or Vital spots in the human body and these vital spots are known as Marmam in Malayalam (language of kerala) and it is known as Varmam in Tamil language. Vital points are death touch(dim-mak in chinese) spots or vital spots which disables an opponent or creates instant death or death within a stipulated period of time.

In Kalaripayattu there are 1008 vital spots in the body, of which the most important 108 vital spots (Marmam/Varmam)in the human body are taught now a days. Today the condition in kalaris (schools) are pathetic that even the knowledge of this 108 vital spots are lacking in many of the so called teachers of Martial-arts, and this is degrading or degenerating every generations to come as eminent Masters are not imparting the wisdom or knowledge they have, either due to lack of trust-worthy disciples or due to self-centeredness or guarded secrecy of the Kalaripayat Martial-art, etc. Of this 108 points, 12(Twelve) vital spots, are the most deadly and are known as Paduvarmam and of this 8(Eight) spots are Thattu varmams(where hits can be applied). The remaining 96 vital spots are Thodu varmam(marmas that can be touched with pressure application or jabbing techniques).

Bali Kalari Sangham is one such Kalari Training centre(school), at Kollam, Kerala, India, where you can attain these unattainable knowledge, which you may not get else where, provided you have the determination or will-power. "If you have the will to learn...I have the ways to teach", says Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews of Kerala.

Great masters know how to deliver the Legendary death touch by calculating the time based on the waxing or waning cycle of the Moon, sun etc. All planets and satellites have its effect on our body, as you are aware of the fact that a High-tide is caused on a Full-Moon day and a Low-tide occurs on a Black-Moon. You also know Asthmatic patients are prone to breathing difficulties more on a black-moon day. Also a patients with Hysteria have mental sickness or problems based on the moons phase. Similarly in human body the power of moon has its control on the marma points as well.

Kalaripayattu is known as one of the most deadliest Martial arts of the world. Martial arts Gurus have with them these secret fighting techniques or Self defence or fighting arts and are also quite handy at using the Herbal remedies, Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicine preparations, Ayurvedic cures,physiotheraphy, treatments or Revival techniques or Marma chikitsa, etc for injuries of marma-points caused in a struggle, fight, fall from heights or road accidents, etc..

Revival techniques are also known as Adangal or Ilakku mura, Maru prayogam, Maru kai, etc. The word 'Adangal' means 'concealed one' or 'secrecy' and hence the revival of an unconscious person is done in secrecy in an unnoticable manner or by distracting the mind of those present near-by, during a treatment, done in emergencies.

A Wise Guru is a Yogi in himself and he teaches Yoga to spiritually ellivate his disciples, through Yoga classes or sessions. There are a lot of secrets unknown to the so called Yoga Gurus, based on the science of breath and Yoga dandu(Yogic stick) made of special tree is, held vertically during meditation (sadhanas or practices). This yoga Dandu is carried by yogi's and is used in controlling disease in body, controlling temperature of body or controlling the pranic-energy, preventing poison bites of insects, or reptiles like snakes, etc.

Besides this Mathew Gurukkal is a versatile person with knowledge in 108 items like painting, Water-floating techniques(Siddhis), and can float in water or sleep in water.He is a computer professional with knowledge in software developing, teaching of computer subjects, clay modelling, English poetry, writing short-stories,etc.

Recently Mathew Gurukkal has written a book on "AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A KALARIPAYAT GURU", which is Published in English. Its malayalam version "Oru Kalari Gurunathante Atma katha" is also available in two volumes.for Martial arts lovers of kerala This book of Kalaripayattu reveals many of the guarded secrets and gives Mathew Gurukkal's experiences and encounters in the field of Martial-art for the past 30 years.
Many of his paintings are available for sale. He also promotes Bamboo art and crafts sales, or Bamboo carving sales for his friend, who is an expert in this Bamboo art or carvings.
If you book and make advance payments to join for Kalaripayattu training or Massage treatment of 1 or 2 weeks or more, as a part of the package, you will be taken for a FREE visit to see how the Bamboo-art and carvings are done. You can try your hands on doing Bamboo carvings of your own on bamboo pieces. Also weekly twice, you will be taken for a half-hour ride in a small country boat where upto 6 members can sit conveniently. Kalaris or Schools provide Body training, locks, dodges, steps, and this body training or flexibility training is conducted for a Fast track training of 3 mths equivalent to 1 year.

For more details and prices of the training and treatments, clickOrder VCD/DVD button on the link above. Then comes Stick training with short sticks or long staff. The stick training is also taught for 1 year followed by the Weapon Training with knives(single and double knife), sword & shield, sword twirling and attacking, Idi katta(punching metal block), Kadhara (dagger), Axe (Mazhu or Kodali), Urumi (Flexible sword), Chakram (shuriken), Thorn-club (mullanki), Kundam (spear), Trishulam (Trident), etc. The weapon training is carried out for 2 years. Verumkai or empty hand techniques is used to protect one against any weapons.

Verumkai technique is taught after the weapon training by the gurus to the most trust-worthy disciples only. One who is an adept on verumkai need not carry weapons along with him. He can extract the weapons of his enemies with ease and use to his advantage. Marma sastras or vital point theory notes are given at a more higher level which is followed by study of the Bone anatomy(Skeletal-systems), Nerves or Nadi sastram or sastras. More at a later stage the treatments like Marma chikitsa(accuprussure or reflexology or shiatsu), Herbal plant study, Herbal oil preparation, Herbal medicine preparation etc are taught to the most trustworthy disciples. Any one wanting to learn Massage treatments or Marma chikitsa or physiotheraphy and become a masseur(Male Therapist) or masseuce(Female therapist) can contact the Gurukkal. After completion of courses, the students are awarded with Certificates by the Guru. Those interested in getting Kalaripayattu Certificates or certifications so that they can start branches of our Kalari under our name to promote and spread this divine art abroad can also contact the Gurukkal - Mathew.P.C by email or phone.

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