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. Ofcourse you can earn good money too
, and do a job of utmost satisfaction.You are your own boss. complete assistance from the Grand-Master with timely guidance for smooth conducting of your center, various aiding books by the Gurukkal like Autobiography of a kalaripayat Guru, the complete reference book on Locks, throws and lifts released in 5 volume book comprising of 125 or more techniques, yoga notes, Marma-sastra, marma chikitsa and other various sastras in English translation, software support through medical assistance software, web updation in the site; giving guidance for center management like details of various documents or accounting books to be maintained, uniforms (lower and top) with logo, belts of 7 colours representing the 7 years and lot more shall be provided as per requirement. Besides all this you get advanced training in weapons, marma sastra, treatment remedies in Ayurveda/siddha, advanced teaching tips, etc for conducting of your center.

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