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--> Computer Assited Face-reading Prediction: Software Developer: Kollam Mathews - copyrights reserved to programmer:Sheelu Computers, Iron-bridge, Kollam,Kerala


Ba'li Kalari Siddha Marma Chikitsa Kendra, H.O: Iron-bridge,Kollam (Temporarily closed.Branch working 9am-6pm)
Branch:Remya Bldg, 3rd floor, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam, Kerala, India

for all students in India and abroad Adults(Ladies,Gents),Kids available for Kalaripayattu (short-stick, long staff,single knife
double knife, all weapons), marma-sastra(vital spots),Yoga, Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, Ju-jitsu, pencil drawing, colouring n painting
Mixed martial arts(MMA), spoken English, Spoken Hindi, Computer courses, Film Acting, Film Direction, Film-editing-
(Video audio editing), Shara sastra(Mysterious Science of breathing of Yogis-1 year course: pay monthly Rs.7000.
You can can control anything and everything and be the master of your destiny.
Secrets revealed now for serious learners...)
since Covid-19(Corona) is on increase day by day. No need travelling from long distance.
You can sit at your home and learn anything and everything with easy videos with explaining
detail audios. Contact in above Mobile number now for enquiry and joining.

Computerized Face-Reading by Face-reading Expert - Kollam Mathews

A special 'Semi-Computerized Software' for Face-reading was designed by 'Mathew.P.C', in 'Visual-basic' to predict your Character or some karmic actions of PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE to know WHAT YOU WHERE and what it will take you to become SUCCESSFUL in your future. You are the MASTER of your DESTINY if you follow the PREDICTION ADVICE given to IMPROVE your physical or mental plane. Face-reader Mathews has it as a spiritual God's gift and it is not any form of soul consulting and remember he is not GOD. But it is also a science and somewhat similar to the Astrological predictions. All astrological predictions are NOT same or TRUE for people born at the same time.

Note: So DON'T TAKE THIS PREDICTION TOO SERIOUSLY, and the PREDICTIONER (person who gives prediction) is NOT LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES INCURRED thereof, which someone may believe has occured through the result of actions taken by him/her, by following the predictions given for him/her. Normally predictions are done for any particular person that is himself or herself or his family like Dad, mom, husband, wife, kids, etc, and it is not done for anyone else ie, his business partner or enemies. This can create PROBLEMS or HEADACHE for the Predictioner and can affect his Goodwill. So the predictioner is not interested in taking any risk for a trifle amount as this.

FOR EXAMPLE: Don't ask stupid questions like whether the particular girl is virgin or not? whether the person in photo is crippled or not? Whether the person is dead or alive now? . Will the girl/boy I marry give me a child? No astrology or palmistry or any science tells details like that.

Based on image only it can be told what the person is or what his past was? whether he was a spiritual or materialistic, etc.

This prediction Software was successfully tested on 25 people at Bishop Jerome complex, 3rd floor, Kollam, few years back and the prediction was liked by many and many where astonished and many took it in the jovial sense and no one blamed the predictioner.
Previously the prediction was created in Quick-basic language and a printout of 7pages showing what you are? your qualities, temparament, etc are given in a matter of minutes. If you like the prediction about you....then share about our Website to your friend circle through face-book or Whatsapp Group. Since Many people requested Mathews to write the same software in Malayalam language of Kerala, as they were not fluent in English, he recreated the software in Visual-basic, after laborious work for several months. Lot of research had been done by him for 30 years to develop the ONE & ONLY KIND OF THIS SOFTWARE and it is not available elsewhere in the world.

Currently the prediction is done by
Mathew.P.C(Face-reader) with the help of Computer-data, providing almost 30 INPUTS related to various CHARACTERISTICS relating to a person. It is not the computer that is doing the prediction.

Note: The person who needs the prediction must send 2 or more images of him/her, along with passport copies, pancard copy or Election id copy(any one) to prove his identity and address. Your details will be kept confidential. ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT THE AMOUNT ONCE REMITTED IS NOT REFUNDABLE.

Faceread Software logo
Like to book for a Face-reading prediction of your past and present revealed from your face? You can change your future and destiny by following the advice of the face-reader? If you need a prediction click on SEND Mail button below.
Also Send your latest COLOR passport-size photo in my email:
within India Rs.1000.
Charges outside India Rs.1500
NB: Your predition will be send by the mode you select as soon as you send the amount by Western Money Transfer or Money order, Credit/Debit card, etc.If a
print out has to be send by parcel(postal service) Rs.60 will be charged(You will receive it in 1week time), and if you need it in speed post postal service very quickly, Rs.100 will be charged extra, for within India location. Outside India if you need it in courier an extra Rs.350 will be charged or else the softcopy of it would be send by email, and you can take a hardcopy of it from your computer later on. In case you are not able to post details through the website, send it directly in my email-id with the personal details, mode of payment, photos, etc.

NB: You can directly visit my residential address given below to get a hard-copy of the Face-reading prediction by hand or call in my phone for knowing more on the subject matter of prediction or knowing the software development system.

Please fill your complete details after clicking SEND MAIL button given below,
to order for the Face-reading. Also don't forget to mail me your passport or Full size photo attached.

Send Mail

Dealership to start a prediction center anywhere in Kerala on a profit base of 40% for you & 60% for me is welcome.

Also huge companies like Microsoft, IBM or Sun-systems, Autodesk, etc can contact me to know the secret logic of this software, and how it works. Currently the software need a facereaders help to read the face. I want companies to extent this to a fully computersized version. I wish to share the secrets of the software to any company who is willing to buy this software from me receprocating with a good suitable price. Enquires are solicited for this from software companies. Also companies can do research to make this software a 'Fully computerised Face-reading Software', using image of person captured through a web-cam and 'Image-Identification-System'. Data or any help in analyzing the minute details on persons face shall be helped out by me for further development. Also logic on developing this software in more Advanced graphical way will be welcomed. Contact in my address given at bottom of screen.

Branch: Mukkadayil House, Near L.P Govt.School, Panayam, Perinad, Kollam, Kerala, India.

Director:Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 7994461146 Asst:Inst (shelly):9207976836

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