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Also he takes care that his students are well disciplined and guides them to keep themselves away from violence. Also Mathew Gurukkal makes sure that 'Others must ask who your Guru is?', when they see his students wisdom, knowledge, obedience, patience, bravery, Non-selfishness, respect to elders and parents, etc. Along with physical and mental training, he gives his students the spiritual food too, to be caring & loving to others. He Encourages in them the attitude to develop a Universal brotherhood, traditional values, knowledge in Herbal remedies, Ayurvedic & Siddha treatments, body massage, etc. When a student himself becomes a Master, he/she must know how to treat his students, when they have physical ailments of any kind. Many of the Masters now a days send their students to Modern Hospitals for treatment and neglect them after an accident occurs during his martial arts career. Mathew Gurukkal also advices his student to keep away from castism, racism & politics which can flare the aggressive nature, leading them to Violence, or Mis- lead them from mis-using the talent they attained.He moulds his disciples in such a way to become a citizen useful for the society with a helping mentality for the down-trodden or depressed. It is the duty of a True Master to polish his students behaviour and make them gem-of-a-person in the society. A good disciple must be innocent like a dove when it comes to loving each other and at the same be cunning like a jackal, to avoid others from cheating you.

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