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--> Divisions of Kalaripayattu :Mathew Gurukkal - Bali Kalari, East of Iron-bridge, Kollam, Kerala,S.India- Martial arts,self defence, Weapon training, VCDs,DVDs,Interactive, Marma-sastra & Marma-chikitsa DVDs, Yoga classes, Ayurvedic Body Massage, stage demos, etc.

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Bali Kalari Sangham
Siddha Marma Chikitsa Gurukulam
Temple of Martial-arts

H.O Iron-bridge, Kollam, Kerala, India (Temporarily closed).
Branch: 2nd Floor Remya Bldg, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam (Working 9am:6pm)
Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews Mobile:0091-9847553600

Email: balikalari@gmail.com, balikalari@playful.com
Affliated to Nehru Yuva Kendra, Govt of India. No.NYK/4915/669/2016.
POLICE PERMIT No.01/2017 issued under the Kerala Police Regulation of Physical Training Rules - 2000

for all students in India and abroad Adults(Ladies,Gents),Kids available for Kalaripayattu (short-stick, long staff,single knife
double knife, all weapons), marma-sastra(vital spots),Yoga, Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, Ju-jitsu, pencil drawing, colouring n painting
Mixed martial arts(MMA), spoken English, Spoken Hindi, Computer courses, Film Acting, Film Direction, Film-editing-
(Video audio editing), Shara sastra(Mysterious Science of breathing of Yogis-1 year course: pay monthly Rs.7000.
You can can control anything and everything and be the master of your destiny.
Secrets revealed now for serious learners...)
since Covid-19(Corona) is on increase day by day. No need travelling from long distance.
You can sit at your home and learn anything and everything with easy videos with explaining
detail audios. Contact in above Mobile number now for enquiry and joining.

Warning !! The following classifications of Kalaripayat techniques, are compiled by Mathew Gurukkal as per Thekkan Sambradayam or Southern style, and you will not find a classification like this in any websites. So the contents are protected by copyrights(c) Act. Hence website copiers beware, you shall be liable, if attempt of copiying of contents, belting methods, teaching methodology are done.

The Kalari Training at Bali Kalari is divided in to Seven parts:

1. Mai Tari or Body Techniques (Violet-belt)

2. Kol Tari or Stick Techniques (Iron-belt)

3. Anga Tari or Weapon Techniques (Silver-belt)

4. Verum Kai or Empty Hand Techniques (Black-belt)

5. Marma-Vidhya or application to vital spots (Green-belt)

6. Marma-chikitsa or Revival techniques (Yellow-belt)

7. Teachers Training in Kalaripayatfor 7th 1year duration (Orange Belt)

1.Mai Tari or Body Techniques

(a)EXERCISES or Vyayama Murakal

Exercises in Kalaripayat are divided in Thekkan kalari (southern style) as Basic exercises, Intermediate exercises and Advanced exercises which build strength and flexibility (suppleness) to the body. Exercises are given to the students based on various factors like the Body-condition of student, age , ability to perform, etc. But now in this nuclear age students don't have the time to go for long term courses, and they don't care to serve the Guru any more. Since students could not sacrifice TIME or SERVICE, they had to compensate by paying an AMOUNT as Lumpsum or Monthly fee or at fixed intervals, whenever the Guru desired so.

(b) DODGES or Ozhivukal

The dodges are various defensive techniques used to evade the opponents attack in Kalaripayat. A student need to get right training of the various dodges under an able guru for atleast 6 mths to 1 year continuously to get the perfection in each technique and to defend perfectly the attacks of a violent street-fighter.

(c) SHOWS or Kaipore

These are premeditated techniques designed by the Ancient kalari Gurus to develop concentration of mind, improve reflex, speed, develop hand or body conditioning and is usually done between two or more partners.

(d) ROLLS, DIVES, GYMNASTIC TECHNIQUES or Marichil/Vairam Marichil/Aakasha poyithu

These include various rolling techniques, diving techniques, and gymnastic techniques. These are taught by the kalari Gurukkal depending on the disciples humbleness, dedication, obedience and respect for the Guru and also depending on upto what amount of knowledge the student can assimilate (digest).

(e) LOCKS or Pootukal

Locks are basically used to immobilize the opponent or disable him by either applying force to create pain in certain areas. In advance stage of study, locks can even be applied to more than one opponents at a time. Locks can be applied to hands and legs as well.

Pictures of few locking techniques
Image of Locks Image of Locks Image of Multiple Locking technique

( f ) LIFTS or Eduppu

Lifts are basically used taking advantage of the opponents force and . after the lift, he is thrown away.
Image of Lift

( g ) THROWS or Marichu-Idiyil

Throws are used to mis-balance an opponent or lifting an opponent and throwing on the ground causing injury to his body. Throws are generally used during a struggle or when two people grip each other and wrestle to mis-balance each-other.
Image of Throws

( h ) STEPS or chuvadukal

Below is shown few students practicing the Kalari steps, standing in a circle. Steps are essential and very important because, it helps in escaping and defeating more than one opponents, incase he is surrounded. Steps are premeditated movements arranged in a easy rhythmic, helpful way, suitable for self-defence.
Image of Kalari steps

Mathew Gurukkal knows almost 60 different varities of steps in Kalaripayat, which he has learned or developed through his constant research in the field for past 35 years. God gives insight and intutions to the right gurus from the abundance of knowledge which is infinite. The more you seek and thirst to learn, the more you will find and there is no end to it.

2. Kol Tari
Kol Tari consists of the practice with different sizes of sticks like Muchan-Vadi (short-stick), Panthiruchan (Staff/long-stick), use of Double short-sticks, Double long staff rotation, etc and how it is applied on various chevudu (steps). Sticks can also be used to lock/immobilize the opponent.Other wooden weapons like Ottakol(resembling elephat tusk) and Marma-stick(Marma-vadi) are also taught only to students who the Guru find trustworthy, with the Marma-vidhya(vital spot) syllabus or the Verumkai techniques(empty hand against weapons).
Image of stick fight Image of stick practice

3. Anga-Tari

Anga Tari deals with the use of various weapons like dagger, knives, trident or trishul, gada or club, Sword-shields, Flexible sword or Urumi, Otta-kol or twisted stick, etc.For pictures of weapons visit the page on weapons.

Image of Sword & shield

4.Verum-Kai or Empty-hand

In 'karatae' also you must have heard of 'Empty-hand'. The meaning of the term 'karate' is 'Empty hand', and it is Empty-hand fighting againsrt empty-hand opponent.. But in kalaripayat, 'Verum-Kai' makes a person invincible to defend to any types of deadly weapon attacks, using his bare hands and feets from the ememies who may use different weapons mentioned above. A Kalari artist skilled in this technique can make weapons drop-down from the enemy or extract the weapons from the hand of his opponent by mere appliance of pressure on the vital points and use it against his enemies, to his advantage.

Few Verumkai techniques from Vol-3 cd where the lady Martial-artist wards-off a knife-jab and
makes a elbow strike to the vital spot making the opponent fall backwards

Image - knife attacks

Verumkai techniques from Vol-3 cd where the lady martial-artist Wards-off the opponents
attack with knife & makes the opponent fall down

Image - knife attacks

5.Marma Vidhya or Application to vital-spots

Image - marma vital spots
The Guru teaches to the most humble, patient, deserving and most trust worthy students the Marma vidhya (science of vital spots), who does not have a voilence attitude and feels the student will not misuse the powers attained to hurt or kill anyone. The 108 vital points of human body are taught.
6. Marma-Chikitsa or Traditional treatments, Reviving techniques (Adangal/Ilakumura/Thuravukol)

Image - marma chikitsa Image - treatments siddha
Then the traditional treatments handed down from Lord Shiva(GOD), to his wife Parvathi (In christian philosophy it is represented as the Holy-spirit), and then to hisson Murugan (Jesus-christ as per christian philosophy is son of God), and finally granted to Sage Agasthya (which representing the prophets), then , granted down by lineage to Humanity for their well-being and health, longevity, disease-freeing, body massage, bone-setting, special methods to rectify twisted nerves caused by strenous exercises, lifting of weights, trying to reach an object beyond reachable distance, traditional herbal medicine preparation, disease prevention,etc are taught.Also knowledge on preparation of Indian Ayurvedic medicines, Siddha medicines, study of common and rare herbal plants of India with its uses, Massaging or Reviving techniques (adamgal/Ilakkumura/thuravukol), , etc are also imparted to the most trusted disciples to become a perfect Master or Guru.
7. TTC(Teachers Training course for Kalaripayat)

The student is moulded by the Grand-master, Mathew Gurukkal like a raw diamond extracted from a quarry, which is filled by black coal deposit which is grinded, cut, and polished to generate its amazing luster, so that the student themselves become rare gemstones or a Kalari Gurukkal. They are made in charge of a branch of Bali kalari in any part of the world and provided with mental and physical support, uniforms, book materials, vcds, dvds, syllabus, etc..For this, at a later advanced stage, the Revival techniques concerned with each 108 vital-points are taught in the 7th year of completion of training in Bali Kalari. Many other advance training like the Adangal/Ilakkumura/thuravukol (revival techniques), Legendary death-touch (vishakala/amrita kala) and so on are taught at the end only after the disciple successfully passes various mental and physical tests put by the Guru and only when the Guru is confirmed that the disciple has service mindedness for Guru, love for others, and will not harm anyone, and the guru is sure that the disciple will promote the art to the next generation, carrying-on the lineage of Guru-disciple tradition with utmost sincerity. No student can go and demand these knowledge from a Guru or buy it from him, for any huge amount as these knowledge are priceless and can never be measured in terms of money. In this nuclear age, as Mathew Guru have observed, no masters of Kalaripayat is ready to impart these highly guarded secrets to their students even after 15 years of practice. They transfer such precious knowledge only to the sons,daughters or blood-relations.But to keep these valuable secrets from becoming extinct, Mathew Gurukkal treats the students of his kalari as his sons and daughters, and is willing to impart this knowledge to the Right Disciple, with the Right Attitude and who will be willing to compensate or sacrifice monetarily for the upliftment of the center, any stated amount for specific module of study with complete willingness, without a second thought or hesitation. Also a student who has become a Kalari Gurukkal, must never assume that he has amazed all knowledge with completion of the 7th year training, as there are more secrets to learn, if he stays in touch with the Grand-Master, as you know knowledge is infinite.
Click on the ORDER in Menu above to know the fees rates for each courses. Mathew Guru have also found that in this jet age, students are not willing to stay for a long period to learn such incredible, invincible secrets. Hence at Bali Kalari, we offer fast track courses for advanced training which can be covered in the shortest time, in a pace suited for your needs. Finally the Guru teaches the tactics of Teachers Training course, gives a CERTIFICATE and blesses the disciple to open a branch for himself/herself on contribution of 50% income to the Head-office of Balikalari for smooth conducting of the branches and remaining 50% for the student who qualified as a Gurukkal. The percentage for the branch co-ordinating Gurukkal is raised in the comming years as per terms and conditions. Necessary agreements are signed up between the student & the Gurukkal in Hardcopy , after successful completion of course, so that the promises are maintained legally for a life time.

There are Gurus who know skills like the Legendary Death-Touch or VishaNila known as 'Dim-Mak' in Chinese.
Besides a Guru with high mind-concentration skill can use his mental powers or eye concentration to disable, make unconscious, or kill an opponent, using the technique known as Nokku-Marmam (Glimpse on the death-spot), choondu-marmam (projection of energy from finger or palm of hand)."

Enroll for Training in Kalaripayat, Stick, Weapons, Marma-Sastra and order weapons


Email: balikalari@gmail.com, balikalari@playful.com
Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 9847552600

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