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*****Disease-List for which Medicines are provieed by our Center *****
Medicines are given for the following diseases as per Ayurveda/Siddha formulatory. Only friends or relatives of Bed-ridden patients need visit me for the medicines, and we don't entertain admission of Chronic patients in our campus. Medicines will be send to you at the earliest by postal or by direct visit. The traditional Herbal medicines will be given only after clear study of patient history and reports, send by you attached in my email. We need at least 1-2 Weeks time for the preparation of each medicines depending on what medicine is prescribed, and 3-7 days for postal delivery as per your order outside kerala or India. The Rates of medicine with courier charges, Diet - do's and don'ts, Duration of taking each medicine ie, number of times the medicine is to be taken everyday, for maximum no: of days, etc will be informed to you soon after telephonic consultation or personal meeting with the patient or their relatives.

Medicines are provided for :
1. Brain related diseases like Autism (Autistic disorder), Coma state, Amnesia/Dementia/ Alzheimers (loss of memory), blood clot in brain, or Nervous disorders like Parkinson's disease,Numbness in Fingers, pain in hands or legs, hip pains, Insanity, body injury caused by accidents, falls, and all types of mental disorders, insanity, anxiety, fear factor,hysteria, halucination, etc can now have hope and get cured at our center very fast in a short span of 2 or upto 6 months depending on severity of diseases. Mathew Gurukkal has successfully treated many patients with neural diseases mentioned above in a span of 30 years.

2. Joint related problems like spinal slip disc, severe incurable back pain, spondylosis (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, or sacral Spondylitis), spinal disc slips, compression of gap between vertebraes, Rheumatic arthritis, etc can be cured through Marma chikitsa and siddha medicines. yoga, and holistic treatments(Alternative medicines)

Modern diseases like Chickun gunia with complete joint pains, Dengue with low blood platelete counts, other viral infections, caused by lack of immunity or and all types of incurable fevers can be treated in a span of 1 week time.

4. Persistant coughs, bronchitis, Asthmatic, Tuberculosis(T.B) problems etc.There are effective treatments in siddha medicines by which one can cure old Asthmatic problems in adults in 48 days and for children in 21 days, instead of taking Ayurvedic medicines continously for a life time.Further diets are prescribed for patients so that the diseases don't come back.

5. Those suffering from brittle bone, Minor fractures, bone dislocations or sprains are done bone-setting and herbal bandaging, etc and are treated with siddha Herbal medicines, or powders for strengthening bones, and those with brittle tooth are cured with herbal oils applied on head, and special herbal mouth-wash.

6. Blood related diseases and Skin diseases like Itching, Soriasis, Leprosy, Unhealing wounds with pus formation, various types of Cancers(puttu noi) like blood cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, tongue cancer, bone cancer, Anal cancer, uterus cancer, vaginal cancer, etc can be treated effectively in a span of 6 months to 1 year and per month medicine will roughly come upto Rs.10,000. You don't have to spend 8-10 lakhs at a modern super speciality hospital or go for powerful antibiotic injections or capsules, or chemo-theraphy. chemo causes hair-loss and kills both good cells and bad germ cells, whereas the medicine we provide rejuvinates even bad germ effected cells and creates growth of new cells, improving vigor and strength of patient, maintaining longevity. Patients can take the medicines at home with prescribed diet. Also those patients who are undergoing very costly Antibiotic tablets or injections, can go without it by using effective siddha medicines without any side effects. Also patients who are in the preliminary(acute), intermediate stages, or chronic stages with no hope can resort to Mathew Gurukkal's treatment, which he is successfully doing and attaining miraculous results by which the pattients get healed.Tumors in brain, utreus, fallopian tubes, ulcers of intestine can also be healed., etc. Many people rush to expensive super speciality hospitals for the disease of cancer, tumour, parkinsonism/virayal vadam, nervous weakness, etc and spend 7 to 10 lakhs in one year, and finally when they are bankrupt they come to Baali kalari Sangham for traditional healing handed done by a lineage of siddhars to their disciples 5000 or 1000 years back. Medicine at comparitively given at cheaper rates costing Rs.7000-10000 per month for severe diseases like cancer. Even if the patient is treated at our center for one year the expense may mount up to Rs.1 lakh or so, compared to modern hospitals and there is the chance of hope for life.

7. Piles and Fistulla: Mathew Gurukkal has treated many patients with diseases of piles and fistula even when he was abroad in Bahrain in just a span of 3 days medicine, and with control of diet it does not come back.

8. White discharge, Menustral disorders, over bleeding during mensus in ladies: Many mothers used to come asking for medicines for their daughter who had over bleeding, which were treated with ease in just a matter of 2 or 3 days using siddha or herbal choornams..Also there are treatment for prolapsed (bulging out) anus, for which very effective treatment is done in a span of 5-10days time.

9. Stomach and intestinal Ulcers, Sinusitis, Thyroid, Kidney stones, Gall bladder stones, and even kidney related diseases needing dayalisis are attended.For thyroid problems special herbal hair oils are provided which a patient has to use for 1 or 2 months continously. Many kidney patients with bigger sized calculi/calculus (stones) have taken internal medicines and successfully with ease, the stones melted away very quickly in 3-7 days. Where as, if surgery is done in a super-speciality hospital it may cost from Rs.25000-50000. At our center, medicines are available for 1 week duration for just Rs.3000-5000 and one don't need a surgery at all. Any big sized kidney stones vanish miraculously in a matter of 3 to 5 days without doubt. There is medicine for uric acid, urinary disorders, urinary blockage, urinal infection, etc. Our center is a boon for many helpless patients to attain the quickest recovery at the lowest cost..

10. Vata diseases, bed-ridden cases of incurable paralysis, stroke cases with one side totally paralysed state,etc, are treated using siddha medicines, herbal oil massage,etc.

11. Testicle enlargement/Badaveekam problems, Enlargement of ladies breast for beautification, erecting up of drooping ladies breast, Enlargment of pennis for sexual satisfaction, etc medicines are provided. After 10-20 years after marriage couples face with the problems or sexual dissatisfaction as the ladies vaginal orfice enlarges and in some cases the size of male pennis is not very thick. This can be rectified with herbal powders or oils, etc which facilitates contraction of vaginal orfice/hole and enlargement of pennis. Also medicines to prolong sexual play and increasing sexual strength in men is also available. for enjoying better sexual life with their partners, medicines for prolonging sex play without quick ejaculation, etc can be treated by traditional herbal formulatory.

12. Severe or chronic Jontis or manja pitham/manja kamila cases, cure for chronic diabetic or premeham patients even those undergoing insulin injection can be brought to normal stage by the proper routine at our center(Baali kalari, Iron bridge, Kollam-1, Kerala, India.

13. Heart/Cardiac problems(diseases) with palpitations, Bad Cholosterol control, Blood pressure moderation, can be treated with siddha medicines by use of bhasmas or parpam, or herbal decoctions, yoga's breathing exercises or pranayama under guidance of our experienced Guru(traditional healer).

14. Liver related diseases like Liver Cirrhosis, Liver inflamation, hepatomagaly, etc is also taken care.Normally these are occured through constant addiction and consumption of Alcohol which is treated through siddha medicines.Also for deaddiction programme, for people using liquor, herbal medicines are given.

15. Eye diseases like catarrah, weak eyesight,short-sight,long-sight problems, eye pain, burning sensation, etc are treated through yoga, nishta/routines, internal medicines, like lehyam, choornam, etc formed by siddha formulatory.

16. Migraine (Headache), otta chenni kuthu or suryavartham can be cured by Marma-chikitsa/Accupressure, Herbal hair oils, or internal siddha or ayurvedic medicines, effectively.

17. Impotency: Many childless couples with impotency have spent 1 to 2 lakhs in infertility clinics and have not succeeded were treated to normal and the semen count in male increases to require state, and sexual vigour increases, and the treated couples from nearby kottayam district, later had upto 2 or 3 children after treatment. Siddha remedies are provided with diet or padhyam along with yoga exercises, to remove fallopian tube fat blockages, etc.

18. Kayakalpa (Slowing down of ageing or promoting Non-ageing process), etc is also under taken using rare herbs brought from Tamil-nadu. By intake of these medicines like herbs, lehyams, longevity can be attained for the old-aged people, dipleated of pranic energy, and it helps to mainain youthfulness and sexual vigour throughout life, and to keep diseases away.

19. Celulitis and severe infection caused to limbs like hands or legs:(Cellulitis is caused by side-effects of some allopathic medicines given for fevers and also through infections caused in cuts or in some cases by chronic diabetic as well), If celulitis is neglected, it can spread rapidly upwards to the legs or hands, causing low blood flow and cell or tissue damage, leading to a state known as Gangarine with pus formation and to stop the spreading of pus, the limbs are amputated or cut-off little by little fingers fist then the sole of foot or upto knees etc and thse are done in super speciality hospitals as the patients are not aware of these miracullous siddha medicines available at our center which can rejuivinate the dead cells and give strength to existing cells as well, giving fast recovery. The patient does not have to go for complicated surgery, or skin grafting as it the height of infection increases. The diseases with all modern aids and precautions still are unable to save patients with incurble disease like this and to agreviate their problems huge unberable medical bills which mount up to 10 lakhs or so becomes a burden to their families, increasing their liabilities every year as they cling on in hope. As earlier said, the per month medicine cost for cellulities or severe infection even with pus will heal fast in 2 or 3 months time and only Rs. 10,000 approx needed to be spend for a month for the internal or external medicines, and depending on the type of infection 3 - 6 or months or more of treatment is is adviced by the Traditional vaidhyan/doctor if necessary.

20. Glucoma :
For reducing the excess pressure in eyeballs and improving rejuvination of dead cells, and improving vision, siddha parpams and lehyam/electuries are given for 3-6 months. More research is still going in this area of eye disorders.

Note: No In-patients/IP is entertained ie., Stay is not provided for bedridden serious/chronic patients with paralysis , wounds, serious cancer, or infections. To responsible out-patients relatives, who are willing to take care of patients, the medicines are given, as per vaidhyan/traditional doctor's/healers advice or written prescription, and they have to follow the necessary padhyam-apadhyam(Do's or Dont's) of diet strictly without fail.If the padhyam is not taken care, the medicine will not give proper results or effectiveness, and the vaidhyan cannot not to be blamed or the center or healer shall not be liable in any way for any carelessness from part of bystanders(caretakers).

This website is for those who had lost their hope doing all other treatments, in moderns hospitals. For any disease you can immagine, we have a better solution, and since it is the right time for you now, you are reading this site. So don't loose HOPE, as there is lot of goodness, brightness or rays of hope and prosperity waiting in your life. Just have faith in God and Guru(healer)Just give us a ring in our phone and visit us. We will try our best for a speedy recovery of your kith and kins, which is our chief aim.

The speciality of our treatment is that we specifically make medicines as per the requirement for the patients disease. We give both external or internal medicines, but don't manufacture it in large scale in a commercial way. Hence the quality of the medicine we give for a particular disease will be the best(effective), and like you we also pray and pay attention that each patient recovers fast.
With the blessing of the God Almighty, Mathew Gurukkals gurus who imparted the knowledge through lineage, and the Grace of the traditional chief 18 siddhar's, yogis, rishis, Maharishis, we pray for a speedy recovery of the patient. You are lucky...and God loves you a lot... and becuase of this you have visited our website and got in touch with us. If you are fed-up of all other treatments methods, hear is a hope of light for your incurable diseases. If you are childless for many years and have spend lakhs of money for a cure, there is no need to worry any more. With the Grace of Almighty and the blessing of my Guru's and ancient wisdom of siddhars, many of the diseases which mordern medical science has no answer, is fullfilled by siddha treatments and you will be able to bear a child or get rid of stubborn diseases. Be optimistic and believe or have faith in the ancient science of the Maha-Rishis and Siddhars of India, which have saved many lives.

Medicines preparation for any diseases is only prepared, after your order and complete payment of medicine is remitted.
You can remit the amount at the time of direct visit or by Online bank-transfer in my Name: Mathew.P.C, Andrabank,Beach Road, Chinnakkada, kollam-1, Kerala State,India (a/c No. 046010011004203 IFSC code:ANDB0000460). or Gpay(Google pay) to Matguru Mobile Number: +919847553600. Relatives of patients can also come and make payment directly and collect the medicines after making a confirmation call.Within India medicines will be send by postal or parcel service. Extra chgs Rs.500 will be charged as postal charges.Outside India medicines shall not be send as in abroad and Gulf countries carrying of medicines has become strict. People can come to kollam, kerala and carry it to abroad at your own risk. For them a letter signed by Bali kalari - Director shall be provided to prove that any powder or kashaya/decoction is herbal ayurvedic or siddha medicine.

Regarding Treatment-massage rates for 1 or 2 weeks for backpain,slip-disc,etc check ORDER-FORM -> Click ORDER FOR MASSAGE section. Accomodation can be arranged only for not very serious cases or diseases which is acute, in nearby Hotels or at my Residence depending on availability of rooms.Accomodation shall be charged extra on daily basis rent only in rare cases. Food as per prescription must be arranged by yourself at any nearby Hotels or prepared by yourself.

Email: balikalari@playful.com, balikalari@gmail.com, kollammathew@yahoo.co.in
Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 9746532810, 9847552600


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