Computer Diploma courses in letter-drafting,spreadsheet,powerpoint,DTP,Graphic design,Data-Entry,Computer operation,Secretarial practice,logo design,Software Development, ...[Instructor]: Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews
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Computer Short-term & Fast-Track Diploma courses for Gulf job seekers
The following courses Suitable for boys,girls,ladies &Gents are provided in Flexible timings

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About Mathew Gurukkal and the Software, IT training field: Kollam Mathew (Mathew Gurukkal) had been in the IT (Information technology) field since 1985, when computers were been introduced in kerala for the first time. Since the people in various sectors like banking,railways,private firms,etc feared loosing their jobs, and there was protest about computerisation among banking sector especially in kollam, kerala at that time. Mathew is a software programmer and also a versatile computer trainer(teacher) of many subjects like fundamentals of computer, MS-DOS,Windows, word, excel, powerpoint, photoshop, corel-draw, web-designing, internet concepts, programming using cobol, quick basic(QB), foxpro, vB(visial basic), C,C++, etc.

Frequently asked Questions(FAQ):Many people ask what is the need of learning Fundamentals of computer, MS-DOS, Windows, etc. The answer to that is a building will not stand without a good foundation. Soon or later it will collapse. So to become an expert computer personnel, you need to know the fundamentals of computer on various areas like the termnology, internals of computer, its working method, various devices or pheripherals of computer, printers, short-forms, etc. Only then you have a basic idea about computers. MSDOS was the operating system that existed in the 1980's in kerala, prior to the birth of windows OS(operating system). Until then keyboard was the main input device used, and mouse was never heard off. MSDOS is rich in the Disk operating and in those days floppy disks of various dimensions were used, which gave way for tape-drives, pendrives, CDs, High storage hard-disks etc. In olden times harddisk capacity was some 20MB to 40MB and these were the king of storage in the 80's.But now harddisk of TB(Terra-byte storage capacity) are available, and vcds,high capacity dvds etc are also available for external storage.
MSDOS and Windows are the gateway to other softwares or application programs. So we need to know the commands or operation of these OS.

Now what is the need for word, excel and pewerpoint?: Any office worker like a data-enty operator, a typist, secretary, computer operators, etc need to know how to type a letter or format an official letter with the rules of drafting letters. First of all a typist or office worker should have good typing speed, free of errors or spelling mistakes. In 80's people used to learn the typing in typing-center and would pass a lower typing exam or a higher typing exam in english, malayalam, hindi or any language. But with the advent of computers these centers got out-dated. Those who learned typing on a typewriter used to press a key with great force. But such great force is not required on the fingers on a computer when you type as the keyboard is feather-touch. Also an accountant has to do complex calculations like making a payroll(salary list) of employees of 500 of more staff using a calculator, which was a hectic job. With the Lotus -123 software of 80's or the MS-excel software, which is a super-calculator, things can be set in a simple way. And what which took 15-20 days to calculate a payroll of employees could be now done in 1 day, provided you have the right training from an expert Guru. In our center we train not only in data-entry, but also in letter typing using word or solving of complex mathematical calculations using excel, or making a presentation on any particular topic for a seminar with animation and sound effects using power-point. How it can be done perfectly? Learn from Bali kalari Sangham, a center for all you computer software solutions.

Diploma in letter drafting & typing (using MS-Word ): Duration: 1month: Weekly 3 classes:1 hour : Fees Rs.2000
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Dip. in Spreadsheet (using MS-Excel) Duration: 1 month: Weekly 3 classes: 1 hour : Fees Rs.2000
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Dip. in presentation (Power-point)Animated text &Sound effects: Duration:2 weeks :Weekly 4 classes:1 hour :Fees Rs.1500
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Dip. in Desk Top Publishing (using Adobe Pagemaker) : Duration: 1month: Weekly 3 classes: 1.5 hours : Fees Rs.2500
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Dip. in Graphic design (using Adope photoshop ) : Duration: 1month: Weekly 3 classes: 1.5 hours : Fees Rs.2500
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Dip. in Data Entry Operation & Type-writing Skills: Duration: 1month: Weekly 3 classes:: Fees Rs.2500
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Dip. in Computer Operation & Type-writing Skills (Word+excel+ppt): Duration: 2month: Weekly 3 classes:2hours: Fees Rs.5000
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Dip. in Secretarial course: Duration: 1month: Weekly 6 days: 5 hours : Fees Rs.3000
1 month extra free training will be given at 'Bali kalari' as a Personal Secretary/PA to the Director
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Dip. in logo designing (using Corel-Draw) :Duration: 3 weeks: Weekly 3 classes : Fees Rs.1500
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Diploma in Software developing concepts & project works(using Qbasic / GWBasic / Foxpro / C / C++ / VB) :
Duration: 2mths:weekly 3 classes : 2 hours: Fees Rs.4000
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

For those having problem in doing Quick-basic/QB-4.5 programming, graphics or Foxpro programming in windows-7, I can provide a solution. For that you have to bring your laptop to me. For those who cannot bring laptop computer to me, I can provide the guidelines on how to set the method to overcome the problems in windows-7, by sending the details in your email. The cost of giving the new hack will be Rs.15000. In this way you can run your valuable programs on windows xp or windows-7 with ease. Just mail me or ring in my mobile no. given at end of this page. Email or the service will be done once the online transfer of amount reaches my bank a/c given at bottom.

Diploma in Spoken English Training : Duration 1 hr for 2mths: Total 24 classes:Fees per head Rs.6000
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

Diploma in Spoken Hindi Training : Duration 1 hr for 2mths: Total 24 classes:Fees per head Rs.6000
Book now Later Fees: Rs:

NB: The rates for the above courses are subject to changes from time to time without notification

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