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Bali Kalari Sangham
Siddha Marma Chikitsa Gurukulam
Temple of Martial-arts

H.O Iron-bridge, Kollam, Kerala, India (Temporarily closed).
Branch: 2nd Floor Remya Bldg, Kadavoor Temple, Kollam
(Working 9am:6pm)

Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews Mobile:0091-9847553600
Affliated to Nehru Yuva Kendra, Govt of India. No.NYK/4915/669/2016.
POLICE PERMIT No.01/2017 issued under the Kerala Police Regulation of Physical Training Rules - 2000

Kalaripayat Association Championships held in Kerala
General Information on how to participate ?

The Kalarippayat Championship is conducted every year, by the Kalaripayat Associations of Kerala in various states of kerala every year. Indian citizens or keralites who practice in the kalaris in kerala are allowed to participate in it. Foreign tourists who are Martial-art lovers, are also welcome to see the championships held every year in various districst of Kerala.

The following information is given for the sake of all Kalari's or schools in kerala, who have registered in any of the Kalaripayat Associations, who may in future wish to participate in the District or State level Championships, and is unaware of the rules. Our kalari is a registered member of Marma Thirumu Kalaripayat Association, at Parasala in Kerala.

Only Kalari artists who have already won a 1st,2nd,or 3rd postition in the District kalarippayat competition are entitled to participate in the State competitions. Kalari artists who have attained a prize for the Team-item(partnership of 2 people) cannot participate in the individual item. But person who has received a prize for individual item can participate in the Team-item. A small Fee for participation for Individual items and approximately double the amount is charged for the Team item, which from time to time is revised by all Kalaripayat Associations. The rules are likely to change from time to time as per decision of the Kalaripayatu championship organisers. The date of conducting of championship, with the venue and timings are informed to all registered members of Kalaripayat Associations. But in common a written list of students who participate in the championship has to be submitted in advance by any kalaris(schools) wishing to participate in the championship, to the official staff of Kalari Associations. Only the students of a particular kalari are allowed to participate for the championship which is held every year, in other words, the Guru's or trainers cannot participate as a candidate in the championship. Now a days lot of politricks are played by the officials of several kalaripayat organisations and they don't give registration to eligible kalaris, who have ability to display better performance for the championships. This kind of attitude of personal bias or prejudice must change and eligible kalaris must be given opportunity to register as members in the Associations. If this situation does not change, more and more associations will be formed in various names in kerala.

Though I have personally visited for the championships of Kerala kalaripayat Association for the past 20years, I have no direct connection with it, though I have friendly personal relations with many of the officials of Kerala Kalaripayat Association as well, like Advo. Poonthura Soman, Shri.Nazer Gurukkal(kottayam), Shri.Joy Gurukkal(punalur) and Shri.Salim Gurukkal(kollam).


  1. Name of Kalari (Institute).
  2. Address and place of location of institute with district.
  3. Name of students participating in individual items,Team-items etc.
  4. Kalari Sambradayam (style) ie, Thekkan(southern), Vadakkan (Northern) and Madhya Kerala(medevial)
  5. whether attained 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in the District level.
  6. Gurukkal (Instructors) name.

Competitions are basically divided based on style in to three categories:

1. Vadakkan (Northen) Consist of various items like kicks - Ner kal, Thirichu kal, Veethukal, Iruthikal, moves - Thazhchayil Neeki therukkal, Jumps - Valathu chakutti valam piri malarnnu chadal, Body flexibilitie and attacking movements - Meypayattu, Jumps - Thirinju chadal & Chavittipongal, Kettukari (long stick fight - 2 people), Cheruvadi (short stick fight - 2 people, Kadhara payattu (dagger fight - 2 people, Vallum parichayum (Sword & shield - 2 people), etc

2. Thekkan (Southern) Consist of various items like Otta chevidu (Single step), Eratta chevidu (Double steps), Kaipore (Hand fights - 2 people), Koota chevidu (Joint or connected steps), kuruvadi prayogangal (short stick techniques - 2 people), Nedu vadi payattu (long staff fights), Kadhara prayogam (dagger fights), Parichakku Urumi (Sword & Urumi - flexible sword - 2 people), Urumi Veeshu (1 person), Vallum parichayum (Swrod and shield - 2 people), etc.

3. Madhya keralam (Medevial) (Consist of various items like Cheru thozhil (body flexibility moves and exercises - 1 person), Mai chuvadukal (Flexibility steps - 1 person), Perukka chevidu (dynamic or power centered steps with more degree angles - 1 person), Adi-thada (premeditated fights or shows - 2 people), Vadipayattu (long staff - 2 people), Cheruvadi payattu (short stick fights - 2 people), Vadikondulla kettu - locking person using the stick using short or long stick), Kathiyum kaiyu (empty hand fight against knife), Verum-kai abhyasam (Empty hand techniques), Otta vadi or Randu Vadi veeshu (Single or Double long staff rotations), Shareera Vadiyum chevudum (Body flexibility steps with long stick - 1 person), Vallum parichayum(Sword & shield - 2 people), Parichaku Urumi (Shield & Urumi - 2 people), Urumi Veeshu (Urumi rotation - 1 person), etc.

A Meeting was held on 6th Dec, 2011 at Parasala,Kerala,India amidst eminent Gurus both of Thekkan and vadakkan.

Shown below are the photograph of chief guest Mathew Gurukkal, Satyadas Gurukkal seated leftmost & the panchayat member(lady seated right)
and other eminent Gurus were also present on the occasion.

parasala meeting

A sample of the Kalaripayat Association Certificate granted to
Bali Kalari by Marma Thirummu Kalaripayat Association,Parashala, Kerala, India
(The Registration has All India Jurisdiction).

Kalaripayat Association Certificate

Weapon List Certificate granted by Kalaripayat Association
Parashala, Kerala, India.

Weapon list certificate


Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 9847552600

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