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About Us:

In 1950 Late.Mr.M.D.Cherian GurukkaL trained in Adi-thada at Tamilnadu and later in 1975 at Bhilai, M.P. , he used to teach his two sons Daniel.P.C (Eldest) and Kollam Mathew Gurukkal (2nd Son) , who is currently the Director of the Organisation. Later in 1989, the idea of forming a Kalari (school of Martial-art) came up in the mind of Mathew Gurukkal and he gave the name for the Institution as Baali Kalari Sangham (Siddha Marma Chikitsa Gurukulam) and it was Registered under the Kerala Cochin-Travancore Act. Mathew Guru also added several other courses under one roof and till date have trained thousands of professionals in various sectors who are working worldwide. . Mathew Gurukkal who is a Grand-Master of Kalaripayat, and a yogi with siddhis like water-floating, water-sitting in padmasana, and water standing in any deep waters be it fresh water or salt water. Mathew Gurukkal can do atleast 40 different yogasanas in water, and can drink softdrinks, eat fruits like apple or oranges in remaining water floating, do reverse swimming, and in deep water can sleep for hours together or shoot an arrow in any direction, use a sling shot or fire a pistol in 4 direction standing balanced in deep water. He can even perform deadly acts like tying his hands (at front or back) and legs together & stand vertically in any deep water with the neck n head above water, which none can dare to do. These are gifts or siddhis bestowed by the Supreme God.

We deal with kalaripayat (Normal Track/Fast-Track) direct classes, Online Training due to Covid protocols, Kalari stage shows, Dance & kalaripayat Fusion training, Yoga classes (Basic/Advanced) for ladies, Gents & kids, Swimming, Water-floating training, Vaccation pencil drawing, painting, clay-modeling, Bamboo crafts & arts, Spoken English & Hindi, Film-Acting, video/audio editing, Film-direction courses, script-writing, Kalari Vcd/Dvd/Interactive cd sales, Autobiography Book Sales(English & Malayalam), Locks book vol 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 sales each containing 25 locks and in total 175 locks is available for sale, Massage Treatments training, Ayurveda/Siddha Treatments and Training, Physical Fitness Training for Police (constable/S.I/women constable), Navy, Commando, Forest beat, etc.International training is provided via video chat or video-conference for those abroad in Gulf countries, U.S(America), U.K (England), and European countries, or anywhere. Distant Education is also provided with printed notes. We also give special Fast-track training modules for other Martial-arts pursuing Instructors of Kung-Fu,Tai-chi, Karate, Judo, Ju-jitsu, Ninja, Ninjitsu, Taekwon-do, Muay-thai, thai-boxing, Fencing, krav-maga, etc as weekly camps. For more details of this refer the home page of our site.

Note: Certificates are issued for all above courses, along with Teachers Training Courses(TTC) to build up Expertise, Experience and Confidence. Now Bali kalari has a training lineage of 3 Generations and experience of more than 6 decades Since 1950 ie, more than half a century.

Remya Bldg, 3rd Floor, Kadavoor Temple,

Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 9847552600

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